Book 4 - Page 41

Tell him what he’s won, Charlie

Book 4 - Page 41
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Anomynous 167 wrote:
After rereading page 185, it turns out that Vanna only said "Rubicon" once (I assumed she had to repeat herself, with the second one being louder). So my suggestion on her volume is completely unfounded. But while I am answering questions:
David Hunt wrote:

Perhaps, but I think natural magic inherent in the way the word works woke Don. Vanna lists waking up Don as an apparent effect of "Rubicon." That's misleading if she just did it through lung power and she has no known reason for being misleading to Charlie. I think what the word does is immediately call Don's attention to any non-speaking units that hear the command and this effect woke him up.

She wasn't being misleading, she was reporting in ignorance. Vanna rolled a one on her perception of her inside voice.

I suppose that's possible, but look at the order of events:

Vanna's guard moll and the Maggieonette tackle Parson.
More dolls and some skanks arrive to make resistance ridiculously futile.
Skyy Appletini shows up.
Don and the important figures from court (Caesar, Bunny, Ben) show up. And they're arriving via a looooong hallway.

Everything points to Don being separated from Vanna by a long distance and I'm now sure that Vanna wasn't in Don's quarters. We see the entrance on Page 158's last panel. That's not where Vanna's sleeping. If she had woken Don by sound alone she would have literally woken half the castle. It wouldn't be that she rolled a one on her perception, but that Don rolled three consecutive natural 20s.
Skull the Troll wrote:
You know, that brings up a good point. We know the price for appointing an heir is 250,000 schmuckers. Thats chump change for Stanley now, so why hasn't he done it? I wonder if its becuase he fears a heir betrayinghim. (Like he himself may have done.)

Book 3, Page 36

While discussing grand strategy, it's revealed that Parson is aware that Stanley thinks designating an heir would be like taunting the titans to let him fall. Without an heir, he'll keep winning and keep living. He is adamant about not appointing one.

Also, I can't for the life of me remember which page it was (I want to say a prologue/epilogue?), but Parson actually asks Vurp about King Saline IV, and it is heavily implied that Vurp feels guilty about it because he knows the truth about how he died and who did the revolting. A lot of people read this as the gobwin/hobgobwins revolted while Stanley was out in the field, and that it was probably Charlie's doing.
That one was especially frustrating, because it was never said what was actually discussed, only that Vurp lied.

Personally I don't think Stanley betrayed Saline, but that's just my opinion lol.

C'mon update. Normally I'm having an anxiety attack by now but I have today off woohoo, I can click refresh all day. :D
Beeskee wrote:
C'mon update. Normally I'm having an anxiety attack by now but I have today off woohoo, I can click refresh all day. :D

That's not kind to the Erfworld server. Good Alternative. Subscribe to the Erfworld Twitter feed. Rob posts a tweet to announce each update within minutes of posting the comic. Twitter isn't going to have a significant increase in data usage because Erfworld fans need to know when the next page is out.

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I'm being facetious. ;) I'm actually re-reading Imperfect Warlord. And the second half of Book 3. Again. :D
Good on you. No one person is going to cause problems, but everyone...I remember the early days of Order of the Stick when it updated on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The site was so overloaded on those days, I just gave up and went there on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. It was the only way to read with comic without waiting half an hour.
I sort of figured the Carnymancy gun special had more to do with Janis's "Foolamancy of belief" thing. As in, it somehow grants the user knowledge of how to use the gun by some power of suggestibility. Thinkamancers have already been shown to transfer information to Parson and have him sense it as "knowledge."

Again, I feel as though there are a few dots missing connecting here. Janis says that there is no difference between capability and belief. You can't believe you're a mountain, but you might, for example, believe you can fly. Parson is understandably put-out by this because his best contradicting example is that he thought he'd die from the portal the first time he used one.

The thing is, people always think that Carnymancy is used for duplicity, as opposed to say, more benign and even beneficial purposes like giving people a different perspective. This is a gun, this is all the physical ways you can hold and use it. I get the feeling there is some kind of autonomic suggestion going on.
Dunno if posted about already but, is "Turnamancy effigy" a typo , seems like maybe "Thinkamancer effigy" is what meant? Or is there something I'm forgetting, I didnt think vanna cast on it at all.
The purpose was to Turn Maggie. He tried to use Dollamancy and Thinkamancy to replicate Turnamancy.
Skull the Troll wrote:
David Hunt wrote:
strange7person wrote:
It provides something unlimited, which Charlie uses for unlimited Thinkagrams. The Great Minds were careful to give Parson information about Charlie's known capabilities, as much as possible, rather than the theoretical underpinnings of those abilities from which he might deduce their own secrets. Thinkamancers don't use the same terminology internally that they do with the uninitiated, in order to obfuscate the details. A thinkagram fundamentally involves sending information along g-strings. How sure are we that the standard golem-hijack spell isn't more of the same, and thus within Charlie's ability to power through?

I'd argue that the Dish lets Charlie do certain Thinkamancy effects like thinkagrams and maybe links for Free, which is not the same as giving him the juice for that. We see the same thing with the Pliers that allow Wanda to Decrypt an unlimited number of dead units but don't give her unlimited juice for other effects like casting Hobokens. Charlie is saying Vanna will have juice left over because a bunch of the juice for the super production-enhancement is coming off of his personal juice, which I suspect is quite high as I think he's very high level. Since she'll have cast less of her juice on the heir production, she'll have some to cast on Parson, which is what Charlie really wants.

The official history of Gobwin Knob will only be automagically published when the side falls. It hasn't yet, since Saline IV had an heir, and given how many capital sites they now control, how personally formidable Stanley is, and how many powerful people (including both Parson and Charlie!) prefer his survival for the time being, it's not likely to fall any time soon.

The fact that GK has at least three capital sites in its possession (GK, Spacerock, and Unaroyal) does nothing to counteract the major strategic weakness of Stanley having no heir. As matters currently stand, if Stanley is croaked, Gobwin Knob falls and all the cities go neutral. I'm virtually certain that GK's history would be automagically published at that point and start appearing in random libraries. I'm not sure that it's even possible for some warlord in one of the Capitals to proclaim a new side with him/her as Overlord as that point, but if they did, they'd be Overlord of an entirely new side.

All that being said, I absolutely agree with you that there was know publication when Saline IV was croaked. His heir (Stanley) simply automagically became the new Ruler.

You know, that brings up a good point. We know the price for appointing an heir is 250,000 schmuckers. Thats chump change for Stanley now, so why hasn't he done it? I wonder if its becuase he fears a heir betrayinghim. (Like he himself may have done.)

No we don't. We know thats what it cost the appoint Tramm heir.
In book zero, it cost less then 80000 to appoint Wanda heir.
posting.php?mode=quote&f=2&p=179739 (Establishes one fifth of the treasury of goodminton as 18k., which they spent.)
Whether this is a function of level, side size, unit type being promoted, who knows.