Book 4 - Page 192

Parson's Flower Journal - Loose Leaves Sink Thieves

Book 4 - Page 192
Comic - Book 4 - Page 192


To: Parson Gotti, Ch Wrld, GK

Might I borrow a leaf from your flower album?

I’m trying to take a page from your book, you see.

Hasty regards,

Benjamin, Cf Mmcr, TV

Here you go. What’s up, Benjamin?

Bear with me just a bit longer, homes. The less you know about our predicament, the more likely we are to escape it.

It is true not only that time is money, but that time is money in a higher denomination. Lost money may be recovered, but not lost time!

Likewise, life is the highest denomination of time. Squandered time might be redeemed by future time well invested, but not a squandered life.

All of that is to say the Kingdom of Transylvito screwed up Royally. We lost all your dough, bro. I’m sorry, Parson. But Sign this amendment to our existing bargain, and you may grant us the time to make good on it, by helping us save our own lives. Tell no-one these terms, even your Overlord and especially not your tower.

Sign, wait, receive prizes. Please.

Yours in brotherly love,

Benjamin Franchise, CMcr.


In amendment to active terms of alliance between the Toolship of Gobwin Knob (GK) and the Regency of Transylvito (TV), the following condition (Amendment) shall be in force immediately and in perpetuity:

Wherein, TV has failed to provide secure stewardship of Gems, GK agrees to accept a remuneration (Payback) of 25,000,000 Shmuckers from TV for all outstanding grievances under Agreement.

Payback shall be remitted by permission of the Ruler of TV on such a basis and schedule as deemed reasonable, feasible, and expedient by the Ruler of TV or his/her authorized subordinate.

No prior or subsequent automagical agreement by TV with any entity may take precedence over this Agreement. Should TV be required to pay automagical recompense to any entity for any reason, Payback will first be remitted to GK in full by the force of this Amendment.

Should the automagical enforcement of Payback leave TV unable to provide upkeep to units which began the turn dependent on TV for upkeep (Upkeep), GK agrees, if able, to loan the remaining cost of Upkeep to TV for the duration of the Agreement.

Before the Titans, we do swear and Sign: