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Hey, you remember tower records?

Book 4 - Page 136
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TIL what onanistic means. Hehe wank jokes.
Imrar wrote:
Raptor052 wrote:
Going off on a bit of a random thought I had last night.

Let's take a few things that we know are fact: Parson is fated to "Croak Charlie", Parson was told by Marie that his prediction "Doesn't have to be a sword" as she was handing him a scroll, and Parson already has a scroll that could send him back to Stupidworld.

If we take each of small events, and combine them with the level of foreshadowing this comic has shown in the past, I think its entirely possible that Parson could wind up using the scroll that Charlie gave him to send Charlie himself back to Stupidworld. At this point its a foregone conclusion that Charlie is originally from Parson's world as well and the spell may very well have the same effect on Charlie as it would on Parson.

Parson would both fulfill his Prophecy, as well as Marie's (I'm calling it a minor prophecy, not something he's Fated to do, but the manner in which he'll carry out his overarching Fate.)

Would love to hear feedback on this, even if its to tell me I'm an idiot.

Nice idea! I'm going to go a bit more ballistic here... What if.. Parson learns Charlie's true identity, uses the scroll and ends up croaking Charlie in the Stupidworld. Although that ending would be more in the Guilded Age comic's spirit...;)

Parson isn't going to murder some dude who "got stuck in a game" if they both end up back in "the real world". In RL Parson is a smart, sloppy gamer dude.
ChrlsNChrg: So... I need to apologize to you. For indirectly sort of kind of arming Queen Jillian and costing you your capitol.

OverLord1: wot

ChrlsNChrg: I'm sorry.

OverLord1: is this a joke?

ChrlsNChrg: No. My tower won't let me "chat with my friends" until I make amends for all the people I did business with.

MoMDOS: Who are you talking to, Charlie?

ChrlsNChrg: I'm apologizing to Overlord Stanley like you told me to. Would you please not interrupt?

MoMDOS: What, chu embarrassed by me? Mr. Big Man doesn't wanna be seen having his hand held in fronta his friends?

OverLord1: ahahahaha!!! is that ur tower? u got carnied! my towers way cooler!

ChrlsNChrg: Your tower has fewer people to make you apologize to.

OverLord1: make me apologize?! r u kidding? jed makes me mix drinks and makes me relax in a spa!

ChrlsNChrg: WHAT.

OverLord1: srsly what kind of crap deal did u even?

ChrlsNChrg: :(

MoMDOS: Your friend has a livin' tower too? Um... can we get him on the call?

ChrlsNChrg: Shirley!

OverLord1: cant. hes got no idea how to eyebook. hes stuck using a wrotery golem.
tomaO2 wrote:
Beeskee wrote:

I'm not so sure - I was under the impression that Charlie and Wanda were both dealing with the same drug, and most of the same effects, in different ways.

I do think the permanent incapacitation was Charlie's attempt to fix or at least work around the problem by using Carnymancy as a substitute for Healomancy. I don't see why Charlie wouldn't have made use of the convenient access to FAQ's Healomancer and the tight terms of their contract to get a little extra healing done tho, at least enough to be on par with Wanda, minus the permanent effects of his 'hacks' of course since they're probably what is keeping him alive at this point.

Wanda and Jillian were both addicted, they both got cured without needing any more drug.

Charlie is like, "I need my fix man, or I'm gonna freaking DIE!" - and because he believes this, so do all his Archons.

I'm not sure you are disagreeing with me, because my argument is entirely based around the idea that Charlie used his own carnymancy exclusively to heal himself, and it only did a partial job, while Wanda was healed with a carny/healer link, and it cured her completely.

It doesn't have anything to do your will power. I mean, if you have surgery with a bad doctor and he cuts your spine while curing you from whatever you came in for, then you are gonna be paralysed. You can't really compare yourself to someone that got the best surgeon in the world, that healed her without complications.

For the reason Charlie hasn't used a healmancer to help, there can be a variety of reasons. Charlie originally had to heal himself when there was no healmancer available, so it's possible that it did a botched job that is just plain impossible to fix. I personally think that this is the reason.

Alternatively, it could be because of Charlie's secrecy. I suspect that the healmancer needs to be in the same room to use her healing, so Charlie can't just grab it and heal himself that way. Since we know Charlie doesn't want anyone to see him, it's possible that he just doesn't trust anyone enough to let them get into touch range.

Sorry for the confusion, I meant I wasn't sure at all, at least not enough to know whether I'm agreeing or disagreeing. XD

I could see it going either way, either Charlie did get some outside help, or he didn't. He has multiple reasons not to try. Alternately, since he's acting as both the Thinkamancer and the Carnymancer in that linkup, he might be able to direct the session with more control.

The only wrench I saw was his encounter with FAQ's Healomancer: the Deal of a Lifetime gave Charlie a wonderful opportunity to get himself healed, by someone who could never betray his secrets or hurt him in any way.

If he's THAT paranoid that he didn't get himself fixed up then, or only gave the Healomancer insufficient access, he has only himself to blame.

I don't see "couldn't be fixed" as an option tho. Between Healomancy and Carnymancy and Thinkamancy from the dish, they were able to re-write Jillian's entire brain. Curing addiction is something they could have done. Curing addiction is something WE in Stupidworld can do, without using any magic whatsoever. (Unless appropriate medical care counts as magic.)

(to clarify, I agree Charlie might have passed over the opportunity for healing, or he was a less-than-cooperative patient when it was his turn, I just don't think that he's completely unfixable - but I may be wrong, I often am lol)

Edit: also, poor Rob, he probably wants to write more book 0 stuff which will include lots of Jillian, and everyone hates on her so much all the time. XD While I disagree with most of her personal choices and I don't like her much as a person, I do like her as a character. I think she's well written overall, the plot armor and etc is not a problem for me now that it's a significant part of the story that the other characters (mainly Parson) can influence, and now that Fate's mechanics have been explained from multiple perspectives it's a lot more interesting.

Raptor052 wrote:
Parson was told by Marie that his prediction "Doesn't have to be a sword" as she was handing him a scroll

Oh wow nice catch. Rob foreshadowed Jack croaking and the dusting of Ossomer and Sylvia that way. Might be a red herring but this was very subtle.
I'm pretty much on board with the idea that the Gardening Channel does not have any physical effect, it is purely psychological. My guess is that Charlie did a link to get a scroll that prevented him physically croaking, but he's psychologically addicted to Gardening.

But we'll see, right?

Sure, the Prediction suggests that Shirley can't kill him by depriving him of the Gardening Channel, but how Prediction actual works (and what Parson is actually Predicted to do) is still up in the air.
Late to the party here, but I’ve got a couple questions about this development.

Is Charlie actually stuck with Shirley? Most reactions seem to be assuming that he’s more or less at the mercy of Shirley and will be unable to dictate his own agenda going forward. Or, that at the very least he will be held to certain standards regarding contracts and ‘customer service’.

On the other hand, Charlie acts like a bit of a control freak most of the time. This situation seems like it would be intolerable for him. Is he really unable to do anything, or is he just unwilling to damage the tower any further? Surely (ha!) he could move his capital to another site (we know his territory includes empty city sites) and raze Charlescomm?

It would be a costly way out, but we know for sure that Charlie has plenty of money. The loss of the unique facilities would be a much greater blow to his ‘dish based capabilities, but one could argue he doesn’t have the full use of them under Shirley either.

Razing cities seems to be routine. Could the Temple somehow prevent the city from being razed? What about moving the capital? That would close the current portal (and presumably sever the connection with that particular portal column) and establishing a new portal to the new capital. Does this mean that ‘living towers’ can only exist in a side’s capital? Do all city sites link to a portal column even if the connection isn't "active" by virtue of the city not being a capital? If Shirley can somehow prevent Charlie from moving his capital to a new site, does that mean that Stanley can’t move GK’s capital either? I seem to recall him planning to move the capital back to GK at some point before they lost the city.
Well, the possibility of razing Shirley was discussed a bit back before we knew her name. My conclusion was that it would be too costly and dangerous to the side and to Charlie personally to even be considered except as a last resort. Founding a new city on a capital site in CC's dead zone wouldn't be hard. Ordering the transfer of the capital has to be done from the throne in the existing capital (which was why Stanley traveled to Spacerock personally), but again that doesn't pose a serious problem. Escaping from a sentient tower in control of vicious air defenses by being carried through the airspace under a tarp, all while maintaining information security about Charlie's physical appearance, would be dangerous and physically taxing to the point of being additionally dangerous. Flying the 75 or so hexes to the new capital under those conditions would be arduous and dangerous if GK and TV got the idea of putting together a decap strike, and the city itself would be starting from level one. Also, there are reasons it's not already the main CC site, the CC capital is apparently only approachable by air, and it resides in the center of the territory claimed by CC, which is important both for resource generation and for avoiding being in reach of other sides, all of which means that Charlie would want to try the process in reverse to get back to CC, except that because the awakening was tied directly to the portal column itself, Shirley would probably still be in CC, just angrier.
I'm not entirely convinced the logistics would be that difficult. The new site could be prepared ahead of time, including upgrading to whatever level required, bringing in defenders, etc. Charlescomm could then be downgraded, which would presumably remove the various turrets and so on. (If they count as dirtimancy emplacements. If they are units or accessories of some kind; move them to the new site.)

For the actual move, I believe Charlie could arrange for the creation (or rental) of some type of non-speaking flying unit for transport. You could even attach comfortable (and secure) lodgings to something like a megalogwiff. Keeping the move secret should be the easiest part for someone with Charlie's abilities. Secret operations are his bread and butter. (In fact, he has probably already started a rumor that he is moving the capital even if he doesn't plan to - just to sow confusion.)

In general I agree with you though. I don't believe he is ready (not yet anyway) to give up the various advantages of the current Charlescomm just to be rid of Shirley. Interesting speculation that she could be 're-incarnated' if destroyed by founding a new city on the site bound to that particular portal column. That raises the specter of other (possibly currently empty) city sites that are attached to a portal column with strange properties. Who knows what could pop up when founding a new city?
So .... is the store going to start selling "Great Minds" ribbons?
I'd like to think of Charlie's tower sounding like Fran Drescher. That way we'd have a literal Nanny-state.