Book 3 - Page 89

“He was addicted to something Wanda was too.”

Book 3 - Page 89
Comic - Book 3 - Page 89

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Mad Humanist wrote:
I can't quite the idea out of my head that the ladies in 87/89 are carnymancers rather than florists. The blonde head has her hand on Maggie as if she were casting a carnymancy spell and is whispering something to Maggie. The other lady has a devious smile. The text of 87 is about carnymancy. But it does not fit with the plot for them not to be hippiemancers.

Perhaps you're just being a little paranoid? The blonde one is Lucy for I Love Lucy and the other is her friend. In one episode they crushed grapes together just like in this image. I-I honestly can't see Lucy as a Carnymancer. She isn't deceitful enough.
Lucille Ball would be more likely to be a Thinkamancer, what with her being able to pick up spy communications.
Granted, but either way we can say that she's on Parson's side here. What is the name of the other character from I Love Lucy and her actress's name, do you know?
Ethel Mertz, played by Vivian Vance. I had to look up the last name and actress. The comic character doesn't look much of anything like Ethel, so I think that's the extra from the wine episode, don't remember that one too well.
Hey, it been a long time since I watched the show. I couldn't remember if it was an extra or a main character. I'm more curious about this then I have any right to be, but I want to know the extra's name for posterity.
Teresa Tirelli, looking it up that is definitely the person being referenced.
I was just thinking - now that we've had two vague plans described, those aren't going to be the ones that end up working. ... nGuarantee and all that.
We never really get Parson's straight up like that unless he's just about to implement it. I agree, something is going to make this plan impossible. He's just spit-balling. He does that a lot and most of his plans just don't have as much potential as they originally seem to have.
Thecommander236 wrote:
...most of his plans just don't have as much potential as they originally seem to have.

Except for the Ender's Game plan...
(Volcano Uncroaking...)
It was one of his originals. :D
Yep, if he implements it immediately after he discusses it, it's probably a good one.