Book 3 - Page 80

“That is a lovely thought, Parson Gotti.”

Book 3 - Page 80
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Yeah, but being blocked off from those memories must be like have your arm tied behind your back. However, the memories I was originally referring to before I went on my tangent was this quote here:

Jack remembered a day.

He didn't remember every day. At the best of times, his mind had not been the sturdiest of clay pots. It had been shattered and the pieces incompletely reassembled since this day he was thinking of.

I figure he looked healthier because his mind was repaired and if the damage had affected memories as it claims here, then those memories must be fixed now. After all, Jack shouldn't have problems memorizing a great many things. In a recent Book 3 update with Jack and Ansom, Jack claimed to have photographic memory of things he observes (probably only things he cares about), but I figure that he meant (in Book 2) that he SHOULD remember more than he does. The damage prevented him from recalling those things.

That's my assumption at least.
Fair enough, I forgot that line. I just remembered when he was telling the book 0 stuff to Parson.
Jack's mind was shattered by the broken link. The deal was on in effect until his death. Those are two different things.
Yeah, I know. It's just some memories were broken by the link and some memories were locked by the deal. We know the that the latter was fixed and I'm assuming the former was fixed as well. That's all.
What memories were locked by the deal? I was under the impression they could remember it all, just not talk about it.
It specifically says that Jack got a headache from even thinking about it. I assume this is the mental equivalent to having your arm twisted behind your back as punishment for mentioning something taboo. That more or less forces you to stop thinking about something all together. You would need to learn to force yourself to forget about a memory. I'm able to "kill" a thought by imagining the idea being cut to shreds. I'm sure each of the people who took the Deal of a Lifetime developed a method to force an end to any thought about Charlie just to stop the pain it brought them.

I honestly can't say what that would feel like to have a whole section of your head be off-limits like that. I try to analyze my memories when they come up for whatever reason. Having memories cause a headache is a totally foreign concept to me. Completely abstract. But I imagine it as a wound that won't heal. The best you can do is ignore it. I'm not sure that is an adequate analogy since it's outside of my realm of experience. I'm just saying that could be a kind of mental damage, albeit one taken on willingly.

What we do know for sure is that the broken link with Misty caused a lot damage to Jack's mind. I'm suggesting that the decryption fixed that which is why Jack looks healthier. Removing the Deal may have been a side benefit for him. Like removing an itch that would never go away. Not nearly as damaging as the link, but it would be a relief to get that off your back.
Well of course you can't imagine it, you are imagining a thing not a lack. I imagine it would be effective in the same way as people forgetting stuff that is painful that they are helpless to change. Like how grownups can't remember what horrible people children are. Or how horrible some grownups are to children.

Maybe I just had a sucky childhood, or maybe everyone around me has amnesia. Or maybe noone talks about childhood so everyone wonders whether they had a sucky childhood or whether everyone else has amnesia. Like it's just enough aversion that it is hard to bring up and talk about it, not really enough that there is amnesia. I mean there's lots of stuff a long time ago that so rarely gets discussed.

Also: Jack had grey skin back in FAQ, so if it is link damage, it is damage from before. Perhaps damage from a tri-link Prince Banhammer witnessed in book -1.
None of the Book 0 pages were colored and I don't recall Jack ever being stated as having gray skin during that time. Any who, I do remember a bunch of shit from my childhood. People tend to forget the bad things that happen to them as children due to the phenomena known as nostalgia glasses. I attempt to subvert that and I actively go over the shitty things that I went through as part of my learning process. You may just do the same thing as me. Just actively try to remember the crap.

Any who, maybe I'm just not used to saying cutting off memories voluntarily. I cut off perverted or overly violent thoughts when they come up at inopportune times. Intentionally trying to forget a memory is a completely foreign concept to me, but I would imagine people would try to forget something if it caused them physical pain merely because they thought about it. It would be a Pavlov situation.
Ok, this just crossed from "cool" to "freaky". Things I have in common with Parson:

* Same date of birth
* High school colors: purple and white (apparently)
* Involved with a girl named Grace in college

Rob, quit stalking me! :P
Not sure why exactly, but something about all this is really sad and depressing...

Maybe it's the fact that everyone's emotions or perceptions can be manipulated or impacted so significantly.

Although it might also be that Janis makes a really good point and suddenly I feel like our emotions, attachments, etc are far less sacrosanct than we like to think.

...and that's really sobering.