Book 3 - Page 77

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Book 3 - Page 77
Comic - Book 3 - Page 77

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Fair point.
Thecommander236 wrote:
I mean that depends. Was the land offensive a feint to lure forces away from Aqua Velva or was the attack on Aqua Velva an improvised attack to try to get more units into the fight since they lost all their other forces. It may sound nuanced but the difference is that in the first scenario, Carpool planned the surprise attack all along and took "acceptable losses" whereas the second scenario is a common over-reaction to losing a war. "Our army is destroyed! Quickly send another one to keep us in the game!" The second scenario is a gambler's fallacy. Throwing good resources after bad, the first is a "give them a weak target to attack so we can make their weak point even weaker when we hit it".

The second scenario doesn't necessarily have to be a gambler's fallacy. It sounds like it could be pretty much a textbook case of Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao from the thirty-six stratagems.
When the enemy is too strong to be attacked directly, then attack something he holds dear. Know that he cannot be superior in all things. Somewhere there is a gap in the armour, a weakness that can be attacked instead. The idea here is to avoid a head-on battle with a strong enemy, and instead strike at his weakness elsewhere. This will force the strong enemy to retreat in order to support his weakness.

Carpool can even wait until Caesar's force gets close to Aqua Velva, then raze it for shmuckers and sail off in their ships again if they need to. If they play it that way, they don't have to actually meet Caesar in open battle, but they gain a bunch of shmuckers, cost Transylvito a city that they probably can't afford to rebuild and draw Caesar away from hitting Carphone while they reinforce.
Gotta love Sun Tzu.
I'm really digging the wordplay and art here. I'm curious whether Carphone should be pronounced like Persephone or just like a car phone. I also really hope Carpool has a colony named New Carsmell.
Like pronounced Car-fuh-nee? That would be weird and interesting.
Yes. It sounds slightly more place name-y to my ears.
Kinda sounds like cacophony then. I swear if it tends out that the love chaotic rock or booming sound weapons, I would be very amused and impressed.
Bearing in mind I am a Caesar fanboy:

I feel like if he was going to overthrow Don he'd have done it during the Battle for Jetstone. He seems like a real patriot and wouldn't risk the side and his fellow warlords by causing the disruptions of a coup. Likewise if he was going to independently storm FAQ he'd have done it before Jillian got home with her army. His duty to the side is greater than any personal feelings for or against Don and Jillian.

I can only think of a few possibilities he might take:

1) This disaster is followed by the offer from Gobwin Knob and Caesar is obviously pro-alliance as the only lifeline available.

2) Caesar plans to support the new heir against Don, not necessarily in a coup to depose him but as a way to overrule decisions he disagrees with. This would explain why he got info on FAQ but didn't act on it

3) This is part of a convoluted plan to overthrow Don by colluding with Carpool and using the Dollamancer's creepy creation to assassinate Don because it has not duty, loyalty or upkeep because of reasons?

I hope the last one isn't true, Caesar betraying his side makes him lame and contradicts previous characterisation.
Except that assassinating a ruler is not always viewed as 'betrayal of the side' if there is a designated current heir to the side and the ruler has been acting in the worst interests of the side.
Lerianis wrote:
Except that assassinating a ruler is not always viewed as 'betrayal of the side' if there is a designated current heir to the side and the ruler has been acting in the worst interests of the side.

To be clear, I mean betraying Transilvito by working with Carpool, not betraying Don personally. Like if the reason Aqua Velva fell is because he deliberately set it up to do so in collusion with CP.