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I think Moneymancers might make upgrades cheaper or something. I think Moneymancers turn Shmuckers into gems, it's noted that rich sides put a lot of their money into gems for decoration.
Hmm... I wonder if Jillian will change her tune regarding Ansom/Decryption when she learns Ossomer turned... (Tramennis does know about that right?, he knew Ossomer croaked twice...)

*Edit* Yeah, doppleSlately told him:
DVL wrote:
Casters typically aren't distinguished as lord and lady, but Wanda deserves the distinction regardless based on her family. I don't ever recall another caster that was specifically referred as the Lord or Lady So-and-So.

Lord Ace Hardware. Lady Holly Shortcake. Lady Delphie Temple. Lord Digdoug Mole. Lady Dove Barstool. His High Lordship, Duke Robert Dinero. Lord Dresden, Royal Dollamancer. Dame Olive Branch seems like an affected synonym for Lady, and/or a possible reference to her Heir status she had it this early.

As for Warlords:
Lord Manpower the Temporary. Lady Phat-Singh (though next to Archduke Ferdinand and Ensign Toast, I suspect titles hadn't been straightened out yet). Lady Sylvia Lazarus, who likely had a Noble title before Decryption. Lord Ansom even gets some references as such. Lord Bobtail, who should probably be Noble. Lord DeTrop, too.
Lord Tommy Firebaugh, Chief Warlord. Lord Christian Sidehug. (He refers to Jillian as Lady Warlord no less.) Lord Huge Ackman of Loganclaw. Lord Vitaly Important of Frenemy.
Lady Allison Chains. Lords Hunt and Peck. Lord Carl Tunnel, Chief Warlord. Duke Joseph Forecastle is a Lord as well; I'm not sure who his Lady Windlass would be. I think one could count the Royal Lords Admiral Hubris Unsinkable and Buck Brommel.
And that's supposing we treat Lord Hamster as special, which he obviously is, but especially in being Lord (something) beyond his name.

Overlords and Overladies seem to consistently be Lord and Lady as well. Banhammer even calls Lord Charlie such at the trial.

Chief of Staff Bucky Bits, a Courtier, is called out as not being a Lady.

I'm pretty sure Lord or Lady is an acceptable affectation for any Commander, which is usually a Warlord, but there's no reason or indication a Caster would be different. Royal and Noble Commanders generally use their title, but Lord Crush specifically affected Lord given his sourness over Royalism, indicating Lord and Lady are expected Common titles.
Sylvia was a promoted stabber.
ManaCaster wrote:
“So the charge of attempted patricide...”

I do suspect that all capital-popped commanders are children, but in that update, we only see Banhammer assuming that being born in the capital is a necessary condition of being a child unit. We do not see him assuming that it is a sufficient condition, since Wanda's charge of patricide already establishes that any other necessary conditions are also fulfilled.
Cubbins wrote:
Wild and silly heir prediction time?

I'd like it to be a girl named Pearl Gates.

-Pearl would be a Moneymancer. This is in reference to pearls being valuable gemstones, as well as a reference to Bill Gates.

-She will be fated to make a special substance related to Shmuckers (possibly in a caster link with Charlie) called 'Pearl Jam.' This is a reference to both the Smucker's company producing fruit preservatives, as well as the rock band.

-The 'pearly gates' sit at the entrance to the christian Heaven. It might be a reference to how beautiful she is (hopefully not something lewd). These also sit in the clouds, hinting she might like being in the air. She may also end up guarding something even more precious than herself.

-A pearl is formed from the nacreous material inside of a mollusc, such as a mussel (Jillian Zamussels). This material is also literally referred to as 'mother-of-pearl'.

Unfortunately I'm a Hat Magician, not a Predictamancer. Still, I'd love to hear some other theories on who the new heir might be.

Cubbins, that's brilliant. :lol:
Fan fiction. Not to be confused with speculation.

That's not to say that it's not worthy fan-fic.
I can think of a reason production speed would vary for different sides, all other things being equal. City level. It's not unusual in the games that Erf seems to be based upon that higher level cities produce units at a faster rate.

Anyway, just reread this update, and noticed something. Do you think when Don was cut off, he was about to warn Jillian about his previous two heirs that attempted a coup? "Swords" as heirs being a dangerous thing?
I'd guess not. It seem to me that would have come up in conversation when talking about popping in heir in the first place, not when talking about what kind of heir Jillian wants.
MonteCristo wrote:
As for Nobles, i think a simple method would be nobility being based on the level of the city they popped in. Like for example...
Level 1: Barons, Viscounts and Non-nobles

IIRC, level 1 cities cannot produce warlords. I don't recall where we got that, though.