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Is it fair to go optimistically, and say that Rob and David are subtly proving the effects of Signamancy? :)
Th Revanchist wrote:
Is it fair to go optimistically, and say that Rob and David are subtly proving the effects of Signamancy? :)

If the change was caused by Signamancy, then it should get addressed at some point. Signamancy can be subtle, but it isn't invisible the way Retconjuration is.
Book 1 colors:
Book 2 colors: ... -01-14.jpg ... -03-07.jpg ... -04-21.jpg ... -06-16.jpg ... -03-17.jpg
Book 3 Page 3:

Seriously, that new color isn't even close to either previous uniform colors. Old Faq was not greenish teal, they were green with gold trim, and her book 2 colors were clearly blue and cyan. Even her team logo is clearly a dark blue with cyan on the current mainpage.
Well, maybe Banhammers hat, and Mary's robes are, I'll admit. But not the Faq army.
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As an aside, there's maybe four of us currently working on the wiki. By all means, the more the merrier, especially with two sets of updates. We're already behind on panelling the comic pages. Oi.

Would you kindly point us to a forum thread where interested newcomers can visit and ask more detailed questions about helping with the wiki?

I don't think any exists, but you or someone else could post one. Editing the wiki has been pretty informal thus far. I don't even have an account on it.

Here's a bunch of pages that might answer many of your questions:

There's also these.

And yeah, it's been pretty ad hoc. Those pages are good, though there's a few gaps that make working on some of the more difficult things challenging. Whispri's pretty good with the new updates, I usually add new panels, descriptions, and transcripts. It's a lot of work for one person, and I'd rather we not have a repeat of what happened in the second half of LIAB. Pages 78 through 114 had nothing except for the panels for who knows how long, (and believe me, I'm not bragging when I say this) it took me the better part of April to June to do just that for pages 78 to 100 of LIAB.
Overdroid wrote:
As for all those guys trapped in the megalogwiff, has Jillian discovered a way to reliably turn decrypted?

My guess is she's removing them to prevent decrypting.
The GK troops appear to be uncroaked, they're croaking, not dusting. Hit and run, taking all bodies away effectively neutralizes Wanda's ability to convent all fallen troops to GK, even if she can get there inside a turn.
One question: Why are Faq's troops in green? According to, New!Faq's livery is silver and white.
Durmatagno wrote:
"His leadership would add three attack to all units on his side, five to those in his hex, and ten to those in his own stack. His mistress would add one to all Decrypted troops on her side, four to those in her hex, and eight to those in her stack."

Found my own answer to several things. Wanda acts like a chief warlord to all decrypted, giving the, a bonus like chief warlord, and it stacks with the chief warlords actual bonus. On top of that, her level at ... Wanda.jpg# is 8, so she could be 9 know, but if there was no leveling of her own mentioned, she's 8.

Maybe not relevant to this page, but it is relevant to future ones, among other things.

""Your Highness," said a pleasant, male voice. There was no image with it, just a slowly changing pattern of soothing colors in her mind. "I don't mean to alarm you. I only want to talk. There are no Charlescomm units in Faq's battlespace."

"Fine," she said, with an edge to her voice. "Good. How do you know about Faq at all, Charlie?"

"Your Highness..." The voice sounded pained and apologetic. "Questions about how I know things are some of the most problematic for me in terms of providing an answer. I'm in a complex position, in which I have access to the proprietary information of many clients, and constraints both ethical and contractual governing the release of--"" ... aurelB.jpg

Either I'm reading this wrong, or Jillian doesn't even remember dealing with Charlie with the flowers. I *think* she does, but its hard to tell. It implies that she doesn't remember much of Charlie and his "Deal of a Lifetime" thing with Faq, including her.

She could be asking how he knows Faq's been refounded.
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Corrupt User wrote:
So could a level 10 Caster still be a Novice, just with a lot of juice? Or a level 3 a Master with a pathetic juice pack? I was under the impression that every time a Caster leveled, they 'learned' and unlocked a bit more about their discipline.

Master class seems divorced from level, as I think we have seen lower level masters and Higher level Adepts.

Levels probably give Hits, attack, defense, move, juice and more.

The Novice/Adept/Master might effect spell access, efficiency (how much juice a given spell costs), and Spell calculations. (so a damaging spell might be level dependent, but do more damage per level/ have more accuracy when cast by an adept as opposed to a novice)

Or it might also be like Golden sun, where spells were limited my level, but some were only available to better classes, so you need both high level and a higher tier class to get the best spells.

This is supposition on my part, no proof, so don't take it a authoritative.

It's also possible that Novice/Adept/Master are in-universe terms for certain bands of level and skill, and don't actually do anything mechanically. Like Bogroll's Lackey rank in TBFGK.
Eh, I really doubt it. If it comes with inspiration rather than an official test, it's likely to have a mechanical effect.
For all we know, 'Lackey' might come with some form of duty/loyalty to the person they're assigned to, or the ability of the person they're assigned to to give them orders.