Book 3 - Page 115

"So this changes most everything"

Book 3 - Page 115
Comic - Book 3 - Page 115

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Upping my post count never hurts either, and means so much. :lol:
Gorgon wrote:
Upping my post count never hurts either, and means so much. :lol:

I have a chart for that, too...
Dark Shadow wrote:
Gorgon wrote:
Upping my post count never hurts either, and means so much. :lol:

I have a chart for that, too...

I is rank 8 cuz I is special. Next rank I gets an ice cream sundae.
Sir Dr D wrote:
To defend Parsons actions here , there are lots of things he needs to learn, and he has to prioritize what they. He probably did learn more about the specifics of the contract, because he had no intention of engaging Charlie at all. Wanda didn't tell him about the prisoner. Parson was preparing to be ready to face Charlie after the contract time ran out, and wanted to be ready for him. So that included diplomatic alliances , learning about carnymacy and magic, strengthing the city defenses etc. Any time spent learning about the contract would have meant less time with those things.

And anyway , Parson's further knowledge of the contract wouldn't have changed any of his actions lately. He wouldn't have done things differently. His actions were still the correct ones: ordering Charlies assassination and having Lilith bring the guns and body over. More knowledge wouldn't have changed his actions here. So his priorities do appear to be the correct ones.

And he probably did have the great minds, or some one, look the contract over and look for loopholes. Their were none. And Charlie has not tried to take advantage of the contract at all. Everything that has happened has been pure coincidence.

Look, there's an old saying... a man who represents himself in a legal matter has a fool for a client.

Parson entered into that contract knowing full well his own limitations, and Charlie's reputation for extreme rules lawyering and always getting the best of a deal.

And yet he still enters into it (and at the time that contract page went up, there was an entirely separate debate about whether it was a good deal or not, my view is that it wasn't), and then doesn't even have anyone pore over it later to understand all of the implications?

Of a deal with CHARLIE?

Yeah, still not too impressed with Parson here.
Eh, I'll admit that my "Let's change this to cannon" line was mostly rhetoric.

The point is, we have that he can do Carnymancy straight from his own mind, with a high inference that it is his primary.

Looking back, I do realize that I inferred that he was a born Erfworlder. I should have thought before I spoke. I have always held that there was something foreign about Charlie, and still do. My primary theory has been a play of of "Oz the Great and Powerful," that he was an outworlder who faked his powers till he came upon the dish.
That being said, the evidence is growing that he has Erfworld origin, but perhaps also knows of Stupidworld.
This whole argument about sex slavery not being wrong by the point of view of Erfworlders is really bizarre. I mean, have I been reading a different comic? The one I'm reading, characters care who they sleep with. They have casual sex, or fall in love. They show jealousy. They grieve.

The way the Archons behave is atypical for Erfworld. And I believe that it's because of the Arkendish/pliers binding them to someone in a way that's beyond normal unit/ruler obedience.
y'know it's been a while since I read this page... but correct me if I'm wrong here... Lilith believed that taking damage from a trap would send 5 mill to GK right? so... she just triggered a trap here that clearly damaged GK unit(s), namely Parson. Why exactly does GK owe CC money at this point?
She fired a rocket. It was her attack.
hmmm... maybe, I still think the rocket triggered the 'shockamancy trap' that was the entire floor in the portal area. I don't really see any difference between an attack setting off a trap and a unit setting off a trap for the sense of the trap dealing damage... meh, maybe only the rocket was carnied enough to pass through the portal and the traps weren't carnied that much. I guess that could explain it too...
You're overthinking it. The rocket exploded by the portal, and since the portal was carnied to let anything through the blast from the rocket passed into the MK and hurt Parson and Marie. That's all.