Book 3 - Page 112

"I'm not saying a word."

Book 3 - Page 112
Comic - Book 3 - Page 112

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Why would Charlie think that Parson doesn't want to kill people?
Lipkin wrote:
You know what could also contribute to Charlie's tactical blunders? When was the last time anyone gunned directly for Charlie? He's been mercing for thousands of turns, but no one has had direct beef with him. He's got plan after plan laid out, but has had no way to test them, and as we know, no plan survives contact with the enemy. Charlie isn't used to being on the defensive.

This is a great statement. If all his campaigns are far off and not on his own soil he has more flexibility in retreating when he needs to and advancing when he needs to. Here on his own turf he doesn't have those luxuries.

Also realize that Charlie's been fighting against people who fight back conventionally. Parson is using tactics that are bold, risky, unconventional... I bet Charlie's not had to face anyone as equally wily as himself... it makes an interesting point that what Charlie has said about Parson... may actually be a reflection of what Charlie thinks about himself... I'll have to go back and re-read those things now.

lloyd007 wrote:
As for the pawn gambit he didn't see, I'd say it was his own, he sacrificed one of his archons to preempt Lilith from tripping that trap on page 106, completely unknowing that Lilith would not only recover that archon's corpse, not only that Lilith could make conversation with croaked units, but that said croaked archon would guide Lilith to striking Charlescomm's weakest point.

Wow, that's a good point. He just started to properly "estimate" her right after it was too late.

Crisis21 wrote:
Oh my god... I get it now! I get Charlie's real game!

He's a Carnymancer whose signamancy is heavily Charlie Brown, which marks him as Fate's favorite whipping boy.

Who knows... Charlie might be like Fate's version of Nassim Nicholas Taleb. This is an oversimplification but Nassim basically banks on losing small amounts of money continually every day while the stock market stays healthy... until some inevitable occurrence rips the carpet out from under the stock market and then he makes like a billion dollars in a single "bad" day for everybody else.

Now consider that we're talking luck and dice rolls for Charlie instead of money for Nassim.

By this I mean... what if Charlie "banks" on Fate always crapping on him... and actually uses his influence as much as possible to get Fate to continuously crap on him... and puts all of his resources into waiting for the inevitable breaking point where Fate can no longer possibly crap on him any longer and absolutely has to give him one single modicum of success... but when it does... he makes it a HUGE payday where Fate has to dish out for every last single drop of anguish that Fate was happy to pile onto him beforehand?

It's devious, it's counter-intuitive, but if you have the resources that Charlie does and you have Fate wanting to bring you down at every turn it would make a TON of sense. That's how he could be gaming Fate...
Gorgon wrote:

“I tried to help him! I tried to coax him back to his dream of uniting Erfworld. But he said that was the one thing he absolutely did not want now. He couldn’t tell me what he did want, either."

The bolded bit (by me) is what I find interesting. According to Olive, he didn't stop caring about peace. He was strongly against it. She may have been lying, or telling the truth. We don't know

One of my theories is that attunement isn't so much the attuned unlocking the full power of their Arkentool but the Arkentool gaining a conscious person who will use it to do Titanic things like unify Erfworld in the way that tool has context.

So Stanley sees Erfworld as a board full of nails to be hammered down... good thing he's attuned to the Arkenhammer! Wanda sees Erfworld as separated wires to be twisted together or untangled and made to work as one unified system, good thing she's attuned to the Arkenpliers.

Charlie, though, is a Carnymancer... and attuning to the Arkendish meant it changed his context and unlike Stanley and Wanda, he'd be able to understand it but not stop it since the Arkendish isn't a person / conscious thing. Charlie attunes and suddenly he's 'Fated' to do Titanic Acts and rule the world... not for his ideals of peace, but because he literally cannot refuse to wield the Arkendish.

Basically, Charlie asked for the Very Easy Way... and so Charlie has it the Very Hard Way because the ruler of the world cannot be a carnymancer. Carnies always have it tough! Carnies have to break the rules! To rule the world is to make and ENFORCE the rules... and so Charlie doesn't do that... he refuses to rule the world. Anyone entering into a contract with Charlescomm agrees that CC is an independent side not ruling over them and he's never used the Arkendish's power like that simpleton Stanley, who just wields the Arkenhammer like a blunt object without care or curiosity... and CERTAINLY not like Wanda wields the Arkenpliers to turn the croaked into the decrypted *shudder* No, he refuses to use the Arkendish for stupid and dismal ends, but justly and fairly to keep Erfworld stable and as it 'should be.' ;)
I fucking love this page! Of all the Charlies out there, Brown is probably the one that is most Erfworld. I'm so impressed Rob! Kudos. Kudos. More Kudos!
I just re-read this page, and only now noticed he is Charlie Brown. The "Good grief" stood out the first time around, but I didn't see it.

Very subtle excellent work.
Belated afterthought: check the opening panel of page 14.

So, Charlie as Charlie Brown, Stanley is Snoopy... Wanda as Lucy?
jelissei wrote:
Who is Delta? She sounds interesting.

I was reviewing the latest updates and I am under the impression that Delta is perhaps Charlie's Jed, a sort of AI created via a trilink using proprietary magics (Arkendish) which manages Charlescomm's communications and information storage and retrieval systems.
I think what y'all are missing is that what actually happens when one side actually conquers Erf? If someone wins, doesn't that end the game, resetting the whole thing all over again? Charlescomm intentionally prevents one side from conquering the world because otherwise it would mean the end of his and everyone else's existence. Maybe there's a truth about Erfworld that no one else understands but Charlie and in his view, what he does is benign despotism. The paralells to Mr. House from Fallout: New Vegas are pretty clear there, especially with the casino and the retro-futurism decor. He wants for himself, most of all, but he understands that Fate wants the game to end and he's not willing, so the game (Fate) rigs against him, makes his signamancy ugly, affixes him a base loyalty penalty, sends unstoppable units with the dice rolls rigged, places overpowered Items and abilities in the hands of his enemies and so on. No doubt, Charlie's actions are obscene but I can't say that Erfworld itself isn't a worse obscenity.

Sorta similar to the plot of Final Fantasy X. The maturity of the world is constantly threatened and culled by an unstoppable, apparently natural evil (Sin), while a benign despotic evil (Church of Yevon) sacrifices its brightest youth to temporarily defeat but ultimately cultivate the same evil. That is to say, Erf can never be free of war through the application of war, that to conquer it just resets the clock to start the war all over again. Charlie cheats it by sacrificing the right people to maintain a balance of power. The collection of immeasurable assets and the size of his treasury sort of indicates that the acquisition of wealth isn't the goal, but rather a side-effect of having tried to keep someone from winning Erfworld for Titans-know-how-many turns.
That theory has been floating around for years. It may well be correct. Nobody who is paying attention is "missing" it.
Maybe he doesn't ALWAYS look like Charlie Brown. Notice that she said he was in "Condition Brown" right now -- perhaps the condition's name is describing his appearance? So perhaps if he's in "Condition Tuna", he looks like a big fish with a black beret and a cigarette holder? 8-)