Epilogue 19 - Caesar and Bill

Epilogue 19 - Caesar and Bill


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No one in particular wrote:
[. Sort of like a noble wandering behind the stables and seeing the gardener knee deep in crap, rotting food and dead animals. The noble may have known about compost in an abstract way, but trying to get an explanation for "how it all helps the place look nice" out of the gardener, who does it by intuition and tradition? Just going to make everyone uncomfortable.

That is most profoundly right seeming. It is an elegant way of elucidating the impasse one so often strikes at the intersection of Leadership with Specialist.

"Just shut up and eat what Cook puts on the Table, you don't want to be there when Sausage is being made, if you hope to continue to enjoy Sausage afterwards". lol.
Y'know, in my mind y'all just stablished Bill as the most interesting Erfworld character ever. And that with only four lines so far.

I hope he returns often, for further fleshing out. So to speak.
Stupid hacker.

Just getting rid of the ad here. :oops:
Did Dark Shadow get hacked, or has s/he been a spambot all along?
Xarx wrote:
Did Dark Shadow get hacked, or has s/he been a spambot all along?

Hee. Just exceedingly unfortunate, I think.
Boop. After I changed my password too. :x

Sorry about all this, guys.

Oh: and to whomever is doing this, if you're reading... PLEASE STOP!
So, uh, how about that keylogger you got on your system there, Mr. Shadow?
I am truly sorry everyone. :oops:

I have contacted Admin to see if they can sort it out.
If you haven't already, you should probably change your passwords for more serious accounts as well, financial and so on... to do this, make sure you use a different computer than the one where it seems your account keeps being accessed despite you changing your password...