Epilogue - 004

Epilogue - 004

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The entire stack descended to the ground, all seven dwagons and three riders, at Stanley's gestured command. There wasn't much room in the courtyard not occupied by ranks of troops standing at stiff attention, so the puffing mounts squeezed and bumped their way into the space with difficulty. A few tails connected with a few faces, and one formation of pikers was knocked into something resembling a sea urchin, but the landing was accomplished.

He could have broken stack and landed alone, he supposed.

He just...didn't know, and didn't trust, what was going on here. What were these troops? They were his, he could see that. He could see their stats. But what was this skull emblem they bore? How did he know for certain they weren't going to tear him apart? No, better to arrive with the most power he could muster, even in his own city, his own courtyard.

Exactly what had Wanda done here?

"My Lord, welcome home," was what she said to him, standing there.

Wielding the Arkenpliers.

Like they were a part of her body. Like they grew there, in her hand. That was the way he wielded the 'hammer.

Only she made it look even better.

"You're attuned, aren't you?" he said, pouting.

Wanda smiled. Had he ever seen her smile like that before? She was looking him straight in the eye, and looking...happy, of all things. "I am, Lord."

Stanley nodded, and shifted in his saddle. He needed to get control of this situation, even though he didn't have a clue what was going on. How could she be attuned? Wanda? She wasn't even a warlord! Oh Titans, clearly you can make mistakes.

His head was making that buzzing noise he hated. Still, he needed to be in control. Get control now.

"Well good!" he said confidently. "Did you, uh...get them to do any good tricks yet?"

Wanda's smile kind of went limp and her eyes widened. She stood and looked slowly in all directions, at the thousands of powerful troops and heavy units assembled all around them.

"They made an army, Lord."

"Huh," said Stanley. He shifted his gaze back and forth over the crowd of soldiers and war beasts. "Yeah. That's a good one."

Comic - Epilogue - 004