Inner Peace (Through Superior Firepower) - Episode 006

Inner Peace (Through Superior Firepower) - Episode 006

The tent flap rustled, but did not open. “Wanda! Breakfast!”

Wanda stirred in the wagon. “Yes, Chief. I‘m coming.”

She‘d awakened when the bugle called start of day, but drifted back into a catnap. Nothing had changed; the turn had not started and she had no juice yet. Goodminton took its turn with its allies Quisling and Frenemy, as part of the second turn in the battlespace. Haffaton was unallied, and took its turn at dawn.

The body of the scout would have depopped at dawn, had they not moved it out of the hex where it was croaked. Claimed as a spoil for Goodminton, it would only decay a bit when they started their turn later in the morning. Wanda wanted to be with the body when that happened, so that she could study the process. Her life was full of firsts, but the firsts within her discipline were the ones that most held her interest.

No provisions popped for her, since they had supplies and a chuck wagon. She planned to eat as quickly as possible, get her orders, and return to the tent. But when she emerged into the gray sunlight, the camp was in disarray. Tommy and the other three warlords had a captain of the guard surrounded, hearing his urgent report. Mounts were hurriedly being led forth, including her sawhorse.

“Wanda!” shouted Tommy to her. He whistled sharply and pointed to her mount, then turned back to the soldier with a question.


The leadership stack backtracked up the road to the trailing edge of the hex, meeting up with a stack of survivors on the other side of the barrier. Haffaton, the soldiers said, had attacked them from out of the hills. It was a force of about twenty mid-level firemen, and one level 4 warlord. They burned the four siege towers and one of the three battery chargers before the unled Goodminton units finally overwhelmed them.

“It‘s my fault,” said Tommy bitterly. “I should have left leadership in the middle of the column.”

“But we scouted that hex they came from,” said Pom Fritz, a beefy man with a red beard and a single red eyebrow over his buggy green eyes. He was Goodminton‘s highest-level warlord, and Tommy considered him a close friend and second in command. He jammed the handle of his great axe into the mud at his feet, placed both hands on the eye, and leaned on it in dismay. “We scouted this whole road three hexes deep. We were right to expect an attack from the fore.”

“Obviously not,” muttered Tommy. “They must have gone around. Or...come from farther afield than we scouted.”

“In this country?” said Fritz. “Hard to imagine either. Yon hexes cost six move apiece for infantry, where they ‘re passable at all.”

“Well, they got through somehow,” said Tommy, “and they certainly did their job. They haven‘t left us enough siege to take Goodfinger‘s gate, by my guess. Titans.”

Although she understood the seriousness of the blow to the battle plan, Wanda kept looking back up the road. Her scout was about to decay, and it didn‘t seem as if she could do very much here. Haffaton was still on its turn, and Tommy wasn‘t letting her away from his protection. She knew better than to ask.

Within half an hour, Goodminton‘s turn started without further incident. They entered the trailing hex, and very quickly had their answer. The Haffaton firemen had been armed with pickaxes and shovels. This was a mining squad. Scouts were dispatched, and they found a hidden tunnel in the mountain in the adjacent hex. The enemy must have been hiding underground for several turns, waiting to thwart their inevitable move on Goodfinger.

Wanda walked among the fallen, now unconcerned about the one body she‘d held vigil over. This scene was a massacre: twenty-two enemy saps, an enemy warlord, and forty-three of their own infantry.

She could feel them each, sense the skulls and the hearts and the spines. Standing among so many bodies was like finding a purse of so many gems. It was a heady, greedy, giddy feel. Oh, she was a lucky woman.

“Wanda? What can you do with them?”

The last time she‘d noticed her brother, he had been talking quietly with his warlords. But now he was suddenly standing at her shoulder, looking down with her at the enemy warlord. She smiled up at him, but her face fell, to see his. He looked devastated. Guilty. His warlords stood off at a respectful distance, pretending to care for weapons or groom their mounts.

“Well, I have a choice, big brother,” she said softly. “This is a warlord. If I uncroak him, he would benefit from all of my attention, and all of the juice I can spare. The more carefully I cast, the fewer mistakes I might make, and the more he will retain of the power he had in life. I believe I could make him last as long as ten or twelve turns, and retain about half his levels and leadership. But I still might make a mistake.”

Tommy nodded. “I‘m familiar with those.”

She gave him the blush he had failed to elicit with his ballad yesterday. “I could do better, if I were not so inexperienced.”

Wanda truly was embarrassed for being so weak. She could sense how far short of Croakamancy‘s potential she would come when she did cast this spell. She had so little juice, and terribly little confidence to use it well enough. She suddenly felt as if that powerful woman only existed there in her bedroom mirror, and that she had left her back in the city. She wanted to fly home to see her, but her boots stayed planted on the road.

“What are our other choices?” asked Tommy distantly.

“I could concentrate on uncroaking more than one unit,” said Wanda, “diluting the effects, but giving us more units. Or I could attempt to mass uncroak every unit in the hex.”

Tommy looked at her sharply. “You could do that?”

She shook her head at him, very slowly. “Tommy... I-I don‘t know. I feel it might be too much for me. A disaster. I could become overwhelmed. Maybe we wouldn‘t get any units at all out of it. But if I succeeded, then the uncroaked units I create probably would not last more than a turn. Even the warlord.”

Her brother nodded again. “Wanda, do you understand what they did to us? We can‘t take that city with only two siege. We‘ll have to turn around and march for home.”

“I can‘t uncroak the siege towers,” she said, apologetically. “So...the warlord, then?”

Something like a very small smile played around Tommy‘s lips. He turned and took a few steps over to a fallen enemy fireman, bent down, and picked up his pickaxe. He held it up to her. “Bit of ‘boring warlord stuff‘ here, but perhaps you should get interested, if you want to be a field commander. Siege towers are items, not units. They pop as equipment like armor. Like this axe. When you pop a siege tower, you get 8 digger units and a rolling tower. They‘re like portable shelters, see? You put your units with the digging special on them, and they dig into city walls.” He shook the pickaxe in the air. “Our croaked guys and their croaked guys here all have the digging special, right?”

Wanda nodded.

“Well, then they can dig through walls,” he said, his smile getting a little less tentative. “I normally wouldn‘t send valuable diggers into battle without a tower to shelter them from city defenses; they‘d get wiped out fast. Losses are usually too unacceptable to do that. But if we‘ve got a whole bunch of diggers and a warlord that‘ll only last one turn anyway...”


Wanda‘s scout was the only of her uncroaked units to survive the battle, and she spent another night with him. His only night. He stood sentry at the foot of her bed in her temporary quarters in Goodfinger‘s garrison. He leaned and limped and shed pieces here and there. She laughed, and loved him for how crude he was.

For she was already level 2, and could do better.

This city was littered with enemy fallen. Tomorrow morning, she would have the chance to do much better than she had with this funny little bit of Matter.

“Dance,” she ordered the scout, sending it gyrating spastically into walls and furniture. She giggled helplessly into her pillow.


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raphfrk wrote:

This would not be possible for a side if it was reversed (early alliance and evening natural turn order). If you move in the morning with your alliance and then leave, you don't get to move again at your natural turn at the end of the day.

I don't think this can ever happen - an alliance takes its turn at the time of its latest-moving member. If your natural turn is in the evening, so's that of any alliance you happen to join.
Kreistor wrote:
Wanda points out the one exception. A Croakamancer out of juice at the end of Turn is SoL, unless she can move the body.

Technically, they attacked the scout. He was in the hex and they entered it. Wanda did have a chance of uncroak him, she just had used up all her juice.

This meant that Delphi was right, she shouldn't have added the (weak) extra defense on the capital.


Would have to be the latter. I noticed it too, but I was playing a game while writing and forgot to point this flaw out.

Another option is that you can "move"/claim a corpse without moving it outside a city hex. Assuming all cities have zones, moving them over a zone line might be enough.

They would still decay when their next turn starts.

Actually, she hasn't shown an exceptional capacity in battle tactics. Above average, but leaving Jetstone was completely moronic for a multitude of reasons. I think that she has taken on that role more often when she is surrounded by less capable Warlords, but is extremely happy to have Parson around to let her abandon that capacity.

She didn't want Parson to know that she had any combat knowledge.
splintermute wrote:
I don't think this can ever happen - an alliance takes its turn at the time of its latest-moving member. If your natural turn is in the evening, so's that of any alliance you happen to join.

Ahh ok, is that actually stated? If so, then Rob has thought of the issue. Ironically, it means that he explicitly set it up so that the double move exploit was possible.

If he set it so that alliances move with their earliest member, then leaving an alliance would always mean that you have to wait at least a full day to get another turn.

Another option is that there is an "alliance leader" and that side determines move order.

A night-independent rule would be that unit move is refreshed at the start of the side's natural turn, but when the side is part of an alliance, the side's turn would be instantly skipped, and the move stored for use during the next alliance's turn. A side which joins an alliance during its turn would potentially be able to keep any remaining move and use it during the alliance's turn. This rule would mean that sides get a certain amount of move per day and can't be exploited to move units faster.

I wonder if Jillian actually did ally with Charlie and thus he was able to move with RCC-2. Since Charlie is before Jetstone, then nobody would notice under either rule. This would allow him to monitor Haggar.

Also, I wonder what determines natural turn order. Barbarians move first, so I wonder if younger sides move before older sides, or if it is randomly selected when a side is created.

Zeku wrote:

First of all, I vehemently disagree. Going first, when your health and juice is guaranteed to be full, is such a crippling, overpowering, guaranteed advantage, that the assignment of "who goes first" is an unstoppable juggernaut.

Juice refreshes at turn start too, right? A side which moves first has to conserve juice to make sure it has some for dealing with late moving sides. Late moving sides have to conserve juice in order to make sure they have some when early moving sides use them at the start of the next day. It is equal.

One way of looking at it is that "Night" is really just another side and the turn order is really a circle.

The only thing that seems to be affected by day is alliance breaking and the effect of move regeneration.

Second of all, my point was that croakamancy is not weakened by not having access to leftover bodies. (A point I have already made) You've chosen to respond to unrelated supporting statements.

My point is that there are no "first-turners", sides move in a loop, not a line and most rules are aligned with turns not with days (alliance rules are day based).
oslecamo2_temp wrote:
We've confirmed there's veils of diferent levels. A begginner foolmancer may get his first levels simply making your main city harder to spot at a big distance.

You're making this up (and you realize it too, of course).

oslecamo2_temp wrote:
Foolmancy also seems quite handy at making maps and simulations, so I bet it can be used to help warlords make battle plans and help intellegence operations.

Which is not something that can/should be done only at base, especially when not all sides have easy communication.

oslecamo2_temp wrote:
Not to mention from all the mancers in the frontline, Jack has easily been the less useful so far:
-Prevented Stanley from engaging Jillian... But for all we know Stanley may have smashed trough her just like he smashed trough Caesar. A lot of dwagons still died to fully cover the escape.

Yep. Would have smashed through no problem: implausible. Not only is that another hypothetical, it's a very unconvincing one considering how the battle went.

oslecamo2_temp wrote:
-Made a group of troops displaced, only to be easily disrupted by archers, leaving the archons, Warlord and Wanda to do all the hard work.

I remember a turnamancy caster link being involved in thwarting that plan. To argue that it makes Jack's abilities, or Foolamancy's use in the frontline, look bad is quite a stretch.

oslecamo2_temp wrote:
-Distracted an enemy warlord for some moments to pull a healomancy scroll on Wanda, and then she would've died anyway if said warlord didn't get killed by their own side.

Another hypothetical. Antium had several moments to stab at what he thought was Wanda, then found her, then moved towards for the kill, and then- only the arrow stopped him.

I don't know about anyone else, but your points against Jack look downright silly, sorry. At the very least unsubstantiated.

oslecamo2_temp wrote:
So in the tick of battle Jack can at best provide fleeting distractions, which just pale in comparison to army-wiping nukes, making the enemy fight for you, doubling your troops, hit-and-run from underground, colapsing cities over the enemy, etc, etc. And Jack's a freaking master foolmancer! What do you think a begginer could exactly acomplish in the heat of battle?

Jack was able to provide cover for a capital killing force that was designed to bypass the defenses of Jetstone- and did. That's a potentially side-nuking tactic, and was only countered by a huge investment by Charlie into propping up Jill's side, and linking with a turnamancer. Arguably, Wanda's soft spot for Jillian helped make the situation worse for GK as well.

Jack was also capable to provide safe retreat from an ambush. To dismiss Foolamancy as mere distractions is, again, silly. Distractions and misdirections are a great asset to have during battle, as we have in fact seen every time Jack appeared in the field.

oslecamo2_temp wrote:
Except you're not fighting a single enemy, but multiple ones. One of the main challenges on this kind of strategy games with multiple sides it's that you never know when your next neighbour comes knocking out of nowhere. Hiding your army is good against one enemy. Hididing a frontier city helps you against multiple enemies.

All the more reason to take one of the enemies out if you can. And besides, games against multiple (potential) enemies are more about coalition building and hitting the weakest player to finish them off, and less about sitting around hoping no one notices you.

oslecamo2_temp wrote:
And that's why keeping your mancers at the capital is so damn popular in Erfworld. You don't want all your elite forces to be in some far away war when some other enemy pulls a sneak attack on your capital.

By the same argument, you shouldn't send your higher level warlords in the field either. After all, you must watch your back and center and all at all times! Nonetheless, succesful players do in fact risk elite units in offensive units (that's what they are for), and more to the point, the one Foolamancer we've seen in Erfworld has seen quite a lot of battlefield action and has performed admirably. So I don't see "keeping all Casters in Capitals" as quite that popular. There's some you may want to send closer to the fighting troops.
BLANDCorporatio wrote:
oslecamo2_temp wrote:
-Made a group of troops displaced, only to be easily disrupted by archers, leaving the archons, Warlord and Wanda to do all the hard work.

I remember a turnamancy caster link being involved in thwarting that plan. To argue that it makes Jack's abilities, or Foolamancy's use in the frontline, look bad is quite a stretch.

No, the other time, at the bridge.
oslecamo2_temp wrote:
But I wonder, does it really pay off to sacrifice a lv4 warlord to destroy some siege? Experienced leaders isn't really something you should be sending in suicide attacks, specially when you're suposed to have the upper hand.

Okay, I overlooked this question, so sorry for the necromancy, but this is something I should have answered.

The easy answer is "Yes, it is."

In this case, Tommy tells Wanda that they wouldn't have enough Siege to get through the walls. This sends the entire column back, and it must delay the next attack for however long it takes to pop enough siege to try again. this is a net profit, financially, if the cost of popping a new warlord and digging units costs less and takes less time than popping the siege. Given that Haffaton has multiple cities, and Goodminton has one, it is almost certain that they can pop the units before the siege pops, but the cost is a question mark.

Second, it buys time. If the attack is something of a surprise, Haffaton has the time to move more infantry from other cities for defending Goodfinger. Losing significant units to buy time for even more significant units to arrive for the defense is a sound defensive strategy.

Third, a Level 4 Warlord isn't that powerful. The first levels are easy to get. It takes an exponential amount of time to attain each level. Note that One good battle can gain you a couple of low levels.

Fourth, digger units aren't that useful for defense, making them no better than any other for defending the city. Since they expect to lose the city, they'll lose all of the units in the city. So, they have three choices -- 1) Use them to defend the city like normal infantry, 2) Retreat them and increase the cahnce of losing the city, 3) Sacrifice them in a creative way to cost the enemy the chance to win the battle. The retreat option was viable, but this way Haffaton has the city units plus its production.

How's that?
drachefly wrote:
BLANDCorporatio wrote:
{Bla bla, Jack's awesomeness allowed the capital strike by GK}

No, the other time, at the bridge.

Oh that. Ok, my impression is like this: Jetstone was expecting an infantry column (and as such, moved archers and at least one caster to the expo bridge); whereas, GK's original plan was to pretend to be an infantry column, bypass the Jetstonian infantry because GK actually brought fliers, and strike at the tower. Wanda's capture of Ossomer was a piece of improv.

With or without that improv, Foolamancy did its job. It brought Jetstone into the field, and allowed the GK airforce to bypass them and head straight for Slately. Which GK chose not to do, not before swiping an enemy warlord, anyway.
drachefly wrote:
No, the other time, at the bridge.

The effect was that they managed to get into position to one-shot all nearby defenders except Tramennis and Ossomer and then to disable Tramennis with a single target effect. Tramennis was hit twice before he had a chance to react (and by then he was disabled).

Also, the arrow storm which broke the spell was caster boosted. It would have been four times weaker (and so 4 times less chance of working), it the Dittomancer hadn't helped.
To clarify:
I'm not disputing the effectiveness - the strategy wouldn't have had a chance of working at all without the foolamancy. I was just straightening out the reference.
I guess it only makes sense that a Necromancer would have a fascination with dead people. At least Wanda hasn't become a complete necrophiliac... yet. But still, very creepy.