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Book 5 - Prologue 13
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Despite his white hair, Noah is in better physical shape than most people in Erfworld, at least that we've seen. It might be the white hair isn't a sign of deterioration like most people.

Signamancy is not really age related, rather, it is a Sign of one's state (amongst other things). Thus, one's natural signamancy, in this case the beard, is not a Sign of age or deterioration. It's a sign of... well, okay, to be fair, I'm not sure WHAT it's a Sign of specifically, it could mean nothing.

It's a sign of personality.

Noah, in a lot of ways, acts like an old man, especially in his interactions with Paige, and his white hair and victorian style dress reflects that. Probably also reflects his slow style of reflection, like the explorers of that era (who were of a similar age).

His muscular body is a reflection of how he is helpful to his side, and the methods of how he does that (swimming out past the breaker and taming feral gun whales). A lot of castors we've seen are out of shape because they're not being fully utilized by their side, and their signamancy reflects that. If they were being used as battle casters, their signamancy would change.

Let's face it - Noah is the Most Interesting Man in Erfworld -
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Not quite on board with NoahBod being a sign of well-use. Parson is a chonk, who drowns the non-Gobwin world...

Parson also bleeds. Parson doesn't count.

Even then, there was a point way back after book 1 where Parson mentioned that he was losing weight, but we don't know if that was signamancy, or normal stupidworld mechanics of eating less...
I feel that the updates thus far have offered some insight into the entire Numbers axis that we didn't have before. It seems less about numbers (lowercase) and more about the Numbers (uppercase). Specifically, the important numbers, the sources of those numbers, the Numbers from which numbers are created. Things that can never be resolved as a single "number" can still be described as a "Number".

This might only be the tiredness of working night shift (it's 5am right now and I've still got at least 1.5 hours before I can go home, I'm still looking forward to doing a patrol in half-an-hour) but this analogy seems to work for the various disciplines.

The question now is... how could I intergate this into a fiction, I've been pondering a fanfic (two actually) for a while now, using "Voidamancy" as something that gets put in place of Retconjuration.

Spoiler: show
Voidamancy... the power of the void, both atmospheric and numeric. The Void is that little infinite space that exists between, but does not include, zero and one. Through the expenditure of shmuckers, higher numbers of The Void can be pulled together, summing to form a unit (or whatever it was spent on) thus Voidamancy can be used to increase an enemy unit's upkeep (maybe with moneymancy link) but mostly, it can be used to disband a unit directly, returning it directly to The Void.

Voidamancy can also affect the weather for a single hex, permanently if linked with dirtamancy. While dirtamancy can create cloud-stuff, yet voidamancy, with the application of both matter and motion, is what creates the weather (air is also "the void"). Voidamancy can also create "void golems" which are basically mist/light/smoke/cloud/wind golems, depending on flavor.

The Void, therefore, is that which is devoid of life, but the more devoid of life it is, the more ready it is to spawn new life within it. Thus, The Void becomes that from which life comes from and that which life returns to. Croakamancy would therefore, by delaying the decay/depopping of the body, be a delay or interruption of this cycle.
barwhack wrote:
Not quite on board with NoahBod being a sign of well-use. Parson is a chonk, who drowns the non-Gobwin world...

Would you really say Parson has been fully living up to his own potential, though? Seems to me like he's still got a lot more room for personal growth and refinement. For all that book 1 ended with his declaration of intent to be a player rather than a pawn, he still spent a fair amount of the time since then stumbling from one ridiculous catastrophe to the next, cleaning up other peoples' messes, and making amateurish mistakes due to inadequate training or tools.

Noah, on the other hand, has mastered date-a-mancy to the point that not only can he routinely count on his various animal friends to intercept and wreck any incoming fleets, he's effectively trained these gun whales - which are non-speaking by conventional standards, carnivorous, and colorblind - to identify and actively rescue specific units of interest to him.
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Also, "right whales".

Lots of pretty straightforward but still entertaining puns in this one. Pod cast. Pod father. Pseudo-pod. Pod person.

I suppose that Fumo was saved from that ship's burning hold by an Escape-pod, huh?

I love the idea of a Harryhausen-esque naughtymancy-using monster in the nearby seas, being ridden around by a Dread Pirate Scott.

Need to see a (heavily-cursed, but cheerful) Luckamancer named Gilligan (and his unfortunate companions), and/or a stranded mountless flying unit named Amelia (their permanent special guest?) on one of these islands.
OK I have to ask:

Why does Noah have to sit on one horn to receive the podcast from the other?

Also, in response to the conclusions about Noah's signamancy (and he really is one of the most interesting people in the Erfworld):

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seanfish wrote:
OK I have to ask:

Why does Noah have to sit on one horn to receive the podcast from the other?

So the path of least resistance for whale-to-whale communication will be through his own body, and thus more clearly perceptible.
With my color blindness, I have a lot of trouble reading the first part of the update.
Thecommander236 wrote:
With my color blindness, I have a lot of trouble reading the first part of the update.

A transcript:


And enemy, alien...

   Seekers...blind, fighting...something, and sport!

   There were two, and there were two hundred.

But there was one who might have been of the pseudo-pod

         He was enemy of the enemy...something...
   And he echoed like you, pod father!

We could not bring him because you wouldn't be happy.



         We had fun and...something, full and empty.
              Yes, we did well.
grenma wrote:
Dred Scott Nautilus?

I feel like, at some point, he's going to have to make a decision.