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Book 4 - Page 52
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Belrodes wrote:
Brother Mirtillo wrote:
Belrodes wrote:
So the Rockers aren't going to cover for Ivan, but only if the Wonky Wrench being used to rig a portal is revealed? That's a strange reason to abandon him, unless dirtamancers already know something about portals. Perhaps the inhabitants of the Dirtamansion conceal secrets of their craft, just like the Great Minds?

Before I respond to the last few parts of your post, let me double-check: do you mean the point of no return is for the Wrench's use to get revealed to the rockers, or revealed to someone else? I just want to be sure who does and doesn't already know about its power.

Bonnie would be revealing the creation and purpose of the Wonky Wrench to the Great Minds, who would presumably use that information against Ivan at trial. Ivan's statement about what happens if "they" find out is too vague to say how exactly this affects his position with the Rockers, but my guess is that the Great Minds discovering the wrench is the end of the line for Ivan. The dirtamancers are unlikely to unanimously refuse an order by the Qualified court to search for the bunker, and once Charlie's secret doomsday bunker is discovered Ivan's guaranteed to get convicted.

Huh... Just for kicks, there's also some other vagueness: Ivan says that Bonnie knows about him using the wrench on the portal, but maybe Bonnie doesn't know what else he used the wrench for -- i.e. stashing guns under the MK. However, "maybe" is the key word; she seems more in touch with Charlie's MK dealings than any other non-FFF Archon, so she's very likely to know about the stash. In which case, yeah, that's the end of the line for Ivan.

And yeah, we'll have to wait and see if the Wrench would earn the ire of the rockers and other people, or just the other people. It would be very symmetrical if Dirtamancers conceal secrets of about the craft, like the Minds, the Carnies, and Clay Dice... but I don't think they do. Sizemore may or may not have held stuff back in those overwhelmed first few turns of Parson's existence, but we got as good a look over Digdoug's shoulder as we've gotten for anybody. He lived in a kingdom with some folks who were very curious to apply what he could do, and he never gave any sense of holding back.

But taboos like those are the kind of thing that I can never prove either way until they happen.

Jinren wrote:
Brother Mirtillo wrote:
...unless you count the fact that they're comfortable leaving money lying around, but that could just as easily mean that they don't care about their savings.

It's only coin, which can be fabricated and therefore would have no value to Stuffamancers. Real money is gems or has no physical form.

That would do it.

If I read pretty far into it, I might say that leaving their creations lying around means that these folks don't care about their handiwork... but nah, I think that's just another example of untidiness. My next question would be if their games are friendly, teasing, cutthroat, or whatnot.

Also, now that I think about it, I suppose I could have guessed that Dirtamancers might have dirty habits. Digdoug and Sizemore must be exceptions to the trend.

Free Radical wrote:
Really interesting contrast between how nice the rooms are built, and how trashed the common room is at the moment. Since cleansing is Natural Dirtamancy, I wonder if they've just arranged for the room to completely clean itself at turn's start, so they don't care about how much they mess it up?

I wonder can Claud just repatriate Ivan by stacking with him? If they run now the neutral folks in the Quorum are going to start looking a lot more dubiously at Charlie's side of the story.

With Ace just having visited him, I wonder will Claud try to escape to Jetstone with an offer to turn? Jetstone seems to have built their strategy around Dollamancy. There was a big thing in Ace's backstory that they were going to have to change their strategy until he popped. Now they're in that situation again, and they'd be pretty happy to have a Dollamancer just asking to join. Claud might be reminded of their current situation by having talked to Ace.

To point #1, I wish I had a spell like that.

To #2, I'm not holding my breath for it to be possible to repatriate a barbarian -- mainly because I don't see how they're patri-anything. But if it is possible, then I won't feel cheated... mainly because that'll be the easy part of the escape. I will, however, feel disappointed if the other rockers aren't at least slightly prepared for that move.

And to #3, that'd be quite the arms race. Tramennis is now way more aware of Dollamancy's potential, so Jetstone's power would skyrocket (literally?) -- and that's not even counting Ivan. I wonder if Claud is sensitive enough to know how interested they'd be.

Xellos wrote:
Brother Mirtillo wrote:

But then again, Parson wasn't messing with G-Strings. I would agree that the Thinkamancers get upset about combining their magic with someone who wants to change the medium of Thinkamancy. Now that I think about it, that's a heckuva double standard. It's like the Thinkamancers have no problem pushing the boundaries of everybody else's spells, but they get all twitchy if anybody else starts tinkering with their own boundaries.

Not a double standard. The GMTTA are not forcing anyone into links; those who don't want "the boundaries of their spells" pushed won't. Erfworld as a whole is fairly conservative, most people there want to stick to their number and their own business unless they feel threatened, like Thinkers by Charlie.

I agree about the conservative feelings (especially for secretive casters). The bit where I'm not convinced is how the "most people" deal with the outliers who experiment a bit.

So far, I have only a handful of examples, but all of them have involved some serious disdain. Tarvok suspected that the Dirtamancers would see the Wonky Wrench as a transgression. My main example was Bunny getting a mega-probation for creating a hide golem, with a passing glance at Wanda and Maggie both hating Charlie's attack on Castle Lilith.

My main concern was that the Thinkamancers were showing unfair censorship. Apparently, I forgot that they were simply showing unequaled-on-screen censorship. Bunny didn't get a double standard -- she just got one very strict standard. (...a cruel one, IMO, but I digress.) Sure, the Minds could've tried to punish Bill, too, but that might not have been fair. Maybe it would have been worse for them to try and enforce someone from outside a discipline. If I want to see some measure of equal treatment, I would need to know what the Dollamancers would think of a hide golem. Maybe they'd be disgusted with such a creation. (Then again, everybody's disgusted with Bill.)

That leaves the Wrench and the attack on Castle Lilith. The rockers might hate the Wrench; we'll have to see. I'm pretty sure the Carnies won't care. The only things I've seen them hate are a) working for free, and b) being honest about their skills. I'm confident that Charlie has avoided both of those taboos. Waggie's reaction is now my best evidence that any linked caster might do something that will earn a shunning, but the most certain hatred will come from their own class aimed at a distortion of their own art.

One final note: I just realized how obvious it is that Carnies wouldn't tell the truth about their power. It's not a mere matter of being mysterious or defensive for its own sake. It's because they're stage magicians, and magicians never reveal how a trick is done.
On the subject of repatriating barbarians, I'm thinking a barbarian probably just needs to either start a turn or spend a full turn as a fugitive to be freed.

Being a prisoner sounds like it would be kind of a sweet deal for a barbarian otherwise. Normally when a barbarian can't pay their upkeep, they depop, but when a fugitive can't pay their upkeep they're recaptured and the imprisoning party is alerted to their location while being responsible for the upkeep again. But if that side can't get a unit in range to guard the prisoner, they automatically escape again.
Einherjar wrote:
Katotsu wrote:
Snipercam7 wrote:
Is it confirmed that when the capital city changes, the portal location changes? I assumed that GK's portal stayed where it was, and the "destination" simply changed to Spacerock rather than GK itself. If that's the case, Jetstone's portal would have stayed in the same place and redirected in the same way.
In the second part from Ivan Poe, he states that the tunnel is from the empty space where GK (city) portal used to be to the location of the Spacerock portal. Neither is Jetstone, city or side.

Yes but where Spacerock portal is... it is the Spacerock portal for GK.

Consider the other half of what Katotsu noticed: the end that used to hold the portal for Gobwin Knob (city) is now empty. Thus, it's possible for portals for vanish from a spot in Portal Park, and presumably...
JadedDragoon wrote:
Presumably there is also another, new portal somewhere in the park that now leads to Jetstone's new capitol city of Jetstone. Or, perhaps more accurately, a very old portal that has re-appeared now that Jetstone has relocated it's capitol back to it's original capitol city.

We know this because Ivan's statements + logic = this is the only possible way for things to be. [...] So the portal location for the side is always whatever the portal location for that side's capitol city is... but the portal location for the city remains the same even if the side that controls it changes or even if it stops (temporarily) being a capitol all together.

ManaCaster wrote:
Also, there's the fact that Parson exited the same site he entered when Stanley switched the capital to Spacerock.

Ivan knew of the blank space where a portal used to be, and ManaCaster's link has evidence of a portal appearing in a blank space. That page is the one and only comic where we see the Portal Park side of Spacerock's (the city's) change. Look at panels 4 and 8, especially the placement of the Predictamancers (specifically the witch with black hair, the short one with the purple cloak, and the guy with the groundhog). In panel 4, there is empty space between them and Marie + the doctor. In panel 8, the portal separates them.
JadedDragoon wrote:
Sieggy wrote:
JadedDragoon wrote:

The term "Romani" is weird. They have no ties to the ancient Rome. It's ahistorical here (central Europe). There are large numbers of them in Romania, but the word hardly conveys the meaning "Romanian" and they arrived there from somewhere else anyway.
Over here, they used to be nomads that weren't criminal (there was nothing to steal anyway...), sometimes stopping by villages and doing odd jobs like sharpening knives, wire working, small repairs etc. That all ended in the 20th century chaos; during bolshevik reign, they were settled and put to state-approved work and now, they're draining welfare and causing trouble from ghettoes.

Actually, they seem to have come from northern India by way of the Hindu Kush / north Turkomani route, entering europe through what is now Romania, and thus were given the appellation of the euro province from which they emerged, their previous journeys being unknown. Not that they were going to talk about it, of course . . .

There's a lot of debate about their origins and histories. The truth of which is complicated by the fact that they don't even really know, as unreliable as their own oral histories were.

I'm only referencing their reputation for mischief and deception. I don't know how valid that reputation is, only that it's there.

Could have sworn you were talking about emojis given the general topic as of late.
kaylasdad99 wrote:
Sir Dr D wrote:
vivalakevolution wrote:
Once again, guns are not stated to be Carnymancy. No one knows how the special works. Stop referring it as such. Parson could be wrong. Weirdomancy is a possibility.

Do we have to do this every reaction thread?

Well technically modifying the portals wasn't exactly Carynmancy either. It was primarily dirtamancy. The dirtamancer just couldn't do it alone, and needed a Carynmancer to extend some rule. The guns are probably the same. A dollamancer or weirdamacer primarily did it, but needed some Carnyied tool to assist them.

I will go out on a limb and state categorically that no weirdomancer was involved in the auto-special attribute that currently applies to Charlie's, but not to Ace's guns. My proof, you say?

Quoted from Update 138: "But nobody but Claud Gauntlet was supposed to even know the word 'gun,' let alone what one was."

This is narrative voice from Ivan's POV. There is no plausible way to look at it as unreliable.

With Ivan (Dirtamancer) and Claud (Dollamancer) being the only MK denizens knowing about guns, we may safely conclude that the auto-special attribute is NOT a Weirdomancer-generated effect.

Explains why Ivan has a blowgun, doesn't it?
abb3w wrote:

On the other hand, it might be that Charlie's yet unseen Weirdomancer (Philo Yankovic?) will give Claude and Ivan the special "Depops passing through a portal", and make Parson's life really miserable.

Can't tell if you made Philo Yankovic up or no, but I'd tip you if you did.
This just occoured to me during my walk ten minutes ago. There is another besides Charlie, Claud, and Ivan, who knew of the word "gun": Wanda Firebaugh. Wasn't her brother Atomic Firebaugh, also known as "Tommy Gun"?
I think you're confusing him with Thomas Gunn from the unfinished backer story, but it's been a very long time since I skimmed through book 0.
No idea if anyone said it, but...

I see Steve from Minecraft! Way to go, Steve!
Decrypt him to Herobrine.
Beeskee wrote:
Spicymancer wrote:
I love that there's ONE GUY reading a book quietly in the back of the first panel.


I love that there are a bunch of darts embedded into the wall next to them, and they're still reading. :D

He don't give a fuck. Can anyone explain the references in this page to me. I got the Steve reference. That one was funny if somewhat groanish. The diamond pick was a nice touch.
Girl chugging on the left: Mikasa Akerman from Attack on Titan?