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greycat wrote:
vivalakevolution wrote:
one thing for sure that we can settle on is that some Weirdomancy must be involved to lift a unit that's not supposed to do so off the ground.

Nope, I'm not accepting this as an axiom either.

Seriously. I'm not even in this conversation, and there's no way I can agree to that Weirdomancy must be involved to lift a unit (flying or otherwise).
I wonder if Erfworld units can develop scars by natural signamancy. If not, Charlie's chosen appearance must look grotesque to Don, like an uncroaked unit.
Ayrynthyn wrote:
i'm not buying the weirdomancy point. We've seen other object(s??) that allow flight. Ansom's carpet comes to mind. I'd wager that someone mastered in scouring the archives may be able to point out specificity related to that item, and/ or others. Work's not affording me that luxury at the moment :/

The wiki says the type of magic the carpet used was never specified. I'd been thinking it was changemancy from Sizemore's talk about making a magic blanket. Plus there was the fact that Unaroyal had a Changemancer, so it may have been a gift from them. But we really don't know.

That update did tell us that Changemancy can make magic weapons and armor, though. And we know Dollamancy can do the same, though Dollamancy apparently requires materials on hand whereas Changemancy can just conjure them up. Still, different magic paths to the same outcome. In the Digdoug story when he's fixing the well, we see another case of different disciplines being able to get the same result as he thinks to himself how Changemancy could fix it, but would need to dig up the mechanism first. Dirtamancy can cast at distance through the ground but with less detail, but there are certain things that both disciplines can handle. There's probably other instances of taking different paths to the same end result.
Something I just thought of:

Bunny is relying on a air-gap to protect Don.

Charlie is the closest thing Erfworld has to a hacker. Hackers aren't going to be stopped by an air-gap.

What do we know about Carnie magic? They generally cast on themselves, then use their belief to influence others.

So yes, if a carnie can touch someone, they can alter their belief directly; lacking that, the carnie "believes" something, and gets you to believe what they believe.

The dish doesn't need to do anything more than improve his reception of how Don is reacting, so that Charlie can stress his belief better.

Air gap being protection? A carnie is used to using his speech over air to influence others. This is no protection at all.
Mm, most workarounds for an air gap require the hacker to be physically in the room with the target computer, or to have a patsy to do it for them. Charlie doesn't have either.
Charlie's aspect for this page (and the next) is Lucky Luciano.
Lipkin wrote:
... There is almost assuredly a thread that connects units to their sides.

I wonder...

Maggie was able to link with Wanda to bolster Wanda's use of the Pliers as she battled Charlie.
Charlie is able to use the Dish to link at range.
The Dish can be powered up via Shockmancy.
The Hammer can produce Shockmancy.

Could the three remaining known tools working together be used to manipulate the strings of every unit on Erf? Turn every unit into a barbarian for example?

Edit: Thinking about the Shoes and how they could fit in. The Shoes send you home. The first time she used them, they sent Judy to Haffaton. The second time, Haffaton no longer felt like home, and when she used them, she vanished. So where one feels they belong matters to the Shoes.

Charlie is able to remotely give a stack bonus to Archons.

The person attuned to the Shoes has infinite move, and it was theorized (or possibly confirmed? don't remember) that anyone in their stack also has infinite move.

Imagine if the wielder of the Shoes and the wielder of the Pliers, using the Dish, powered by the Hammer, linked. By doing so, could the wielder of the Shoes stack with everyone in Erfworld, and then use the Shoes to send them all to wherever they felt was home?

Obviously, there are holes in this theory. I'm just trying to think of ways the Tools could be used to grant everyone on Erf free will. Giving people freedom of choice from their Rulers would be one way. Or sending people to where they feel they most belong might be another.

(warning: I have not read that story. I am extrapolating from what I have seen in comic, and from my experience with hex-based war games)

Unfortunately, infinite move will not let you move everywhere.

  • You cannot move through impassable terrain (oceans, as a quick example; there may be places in mountain hexes that require flight to reach)

  • You cannot avoid combat (think zones of control, contested hexes, walls, etc)

But think about it. Giving people in most of erf the ability to choose their home, while those behind the iron wall or stuck off in impassable mountains can only dream of a future...


Oh, gawd, that does sound like earth, doesn't it?

(Walls: Berlin, China. Mountains: Tibet, etc. Combat: Middle east :-).
ryanroyce wrote:
Chef Lurker wrote:
Denar wrote:

It didn't try to mislead Parson or lie to him, or to twist the numbers or anything. It was telling the truth. Parson had the capability of casting the scroll. So the Bracer calculated the odds of him being able to do it, which was quite high.

BUT actually successfully casting the spell was not on Fate's plan, so if Parson actually did attempt to cast it, then something would be forced to happen (that wouldn't have happened otherwise) to stop him. So immediately after Parson considers a scenario in which he tries casting the scroll, the Bracer has to straight-away begin accounting for the things that will happen because of Fate, that were triggered by Parson beginning his attempt.

Book 2, Text Update 59 wrote:
Numbly, he looked back down and subvocalized, “Odds of: successfully casting the Carnymancy spell I‘m touching.” He reached over and held Jojo‘s scroll, which he had set upon the floor next to him after pulling it out of his belt.

The window showed a long decimal number, then blinked and showed a short one instead. Then it ran through a series of digits that changed every split second. Then it went blank. Then it read:

specify conditions

“What? Here and now,” said Parson.

specify target


Another number flashed by, too quickly to read. Then the display read 0.0

Parson looked into the display. “Izzat my odds, or are you just surprised at the question?” he said out loud.

But he knew that the bracer had just given zero probability of successfully casting the spell. Either Charlie was wrong, or he‘d been toying with his prey. Although...neither thing seemed very Charlie-ish. He looked down at the lonely zero-point-zero.

Okay what now? Maybe he had phrased it wrong.

“Odds of: me as a warlord, as I am, casting this Carnymancy spell, right here and now.”

Again, a number flashed quickly, but changed to: 0.0

“Odds of: me casting any spell at all.”

multiple parameters unspecified

Parson breathed heavily through his nose, and could feel the burn of smoke in it. The partial collapse had changed the air currents. It was now getting worse by the second in here.

“True/false: a non-zero chance of me successfully casting any spell exists.”


“So I am a caster of some kind. Or something,” he muttered. He had explored the possibility of casting spells before, and always failed. But he‘d never thought to put the question to the bracer this way. “True/false: conditions exist that would give me a non-zero chance of successfully casting the Carnymancy spell.”


Way out restored, then. But no clue how. “True/false: I could create conditions here and now that would give me non-zero odds of casting the Carnymancy spell.”

T, read the display.

Then, suddenly: F

“What the hell?” Parson shouted to the air. “Charlie, are you screwing with this thing, too?”

Now, maybe our definitions of "misleading" differ, but I would certainly consider the interchange above as the bracer misleading Parson. Even HE thinks so!

Book 2, Text Update 59 wrote:
“Don‘t start that shit,” said Parson. “I‘m not done here. I‘m not.” He looked around, spotting the scroll on the floor. He bent over and snatched it up.

“Odds of me casting this spell!” he shouted at the bracer.

The same number as before flashed, then changed to: 0.0 He almost saw what it was this time.


Number, then 0.0. It was a long one. Hard to see the first digits. He looked at Antium, who was standing close. The other two soldiers were a few feet behind him, stepping on embers as they fell to the floor. The one whose hair had caught fire was black and burnt from the shoulders up, but he kept stomping.

“I think this thing is lying to me,” said Parson to the perplexed-looking warlord.

“Again,” he commanded the bracer. And again, a long number showed, then 0.0. There was another collapsing sound, very close this time, maybe from the next room over. That first number after the decimal was not a 0. It might have been an 8...

“Run this same calculation ten times in a row. Go.”

The blue numbers in the bracer began blinking. The 0.0 was a dimmer blue as it blinked on and off, but the other number was superimposed over it: .980104773

A 98% chance of casting success.

He looked up at Antium. There was a lot more smoke in the room now, and Parson‘s eyes were stinging. The bracer was lying. It was telling him he didn‘t have a chance. Why? So he wouldn‘t try to cast Charlie‘s spell...

True, but what happened when Parson tried to cast the spell? A timber fell on his head and interrupted the casting. Hence, the 98% probability became 0% after Fate's intervention was calculated. As we've seen, the bracer (or rather a higher power, using the bracer as a lever) was clearly trying to manipulate Parson, but its prediction was still spot-on accurate.

Hold on. Did you just quote a really really really really (Inhales) really really long post without snipping it. You should be a shamed :x

That's a monster of a page lengthener. Like seriously, the post you had quoted was the one immediately preceding yours.

Lipkin wrote:

Also, I disagree with the assertion that Bill is what Parson will turn into if he doesn't start boning.
Spoiler: show
While Parson and Bill are both flabby and awkward, there is a huge difference between the two. Parson is fulfilled, and Bill is not. Parson is doing what he is good at. He is allowed to experiment and to plot. It's what he lives for, and always has been.

We know Parson has a sex drive, because he's admitted to fantasizing about the Archons. But he's so used to going without sex, it doesn't even phase him. When he though Marie was coming on to him, he was conflicted about if he was interested, and that was an attractive woman, of her own free will, who one could guess is all about free love. No strings attached sex, and he wasn't sure if he was on board or not. If he was sex starved, he would have just gone for it. Parson might like sex, but he doesn't need it. He's already getting what he most wants out of life.

Bill on the other hand, is unfulfilled in every way. He isn't being allowed to explore his craft in the way that calls to him the most. He doesn't have any relationships, whether platonic or physical. There is like, nothing in Bill's life that he enjoys. Add to that all the trauma that Ponzi put him through... No. Parson is under no risk of turning into Bill.

OK. Rereading this thread, I found this to be a very humourus sentence when removed from it's entire context.
Like, I know you were responding to one of my ideas, but when divorced from context you're left wondering what could possibly prompt you to write that.

Polvane the eraser wrote:
Also, I wonder if it's a coincidence that Bunny thinks of Delta as an 'uppity little skank' when Transylvito has units that are called Skanks.

I suspect that Bunny was not intending to convey the Earth meaning of skank so much as the Transylvito one. I think she was describing Delta as an 'uppity little elite Knight-class unit with some natural casting powers."

My original thought was that she meant the unit, skank. There was no "wonder" about it.

Although a chink in that theory has come about: She didn't use a capitol "S" when she referred to Delta as a "skank". Archons always have capitols As.
Man, I love the Lucky reference. That's clever. I've learned a lot about mobsters over the years. And calling him a "wiseguy" was a nice little reference. Pretty clever all and all. Lucky Luciano was the kind of guy who wanted to bump off his bosses and become the one in charge. Very appropriate for Charlie who wants security and screws over his clients.