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zilfallon wrote:
abb3w wrote:
I admit, that one is a bit of a stretch, but it seems colorable: it's altering a property of the dwagon by taking a "wild" unit, and changing it to a "tame" one. That might be Turnamancy instead. However, that would make the Arkenhammer an even more potent MacGuffin than even suggested by having that for its official Occupation --because if it were Turnamancy, then with a little practice Stanley should also be able to run around thwacking Archons on the head (or at least, anyone and anything that is not linked to the Arkendish or Arkenpliers) to turn them to loyal followers of Gobwin Knob.

"Game breaker" doesn't even begin to cover that.

Nohow, there's still two other examples that seem to be Turnamancy; it thus seems the most parsimonious explanation... unless you can explain those other effects as all expressions of Schockamancy?

Why do we need to explain the other effects as expressions of shockmancy? You are assuming that one arkentool can only have effects from one type of magic. The Hammer itself proves that it has effects similar to multiple types of magic. I mean, I don't really see any point arguing lightning bolts to be something other than shockmancy. There's also the whole rocking out thingy, which doesn't fit anything other than rhyme-o-mancy no matter how much you stretch it.

If you go by that definition of changemancy, then EVERYTHING can be explained with changemancy. "changing a unit's hit points" "changing a unit's side" "changing a unit's specials" etc.

Also, I believe taming feral units actually fits date-a-mancy the most. The feral dwagons aren't simply turned, they are tamed, just look at how happy they are when Stanley is with them.

That goes for everything with every mancy.
  • The hammer is croakermancy, because when things get hit by it they croak. And it leads dwagons to croak other units

  • The hammer is rhymamancy because it rocks the dwagons.

  • The hammer is carnymancy because LOOK WHAT I CAN DO, and stuff happens with the hammer while I just distracted you.

  • The hammer is healamancy, when you have nails and wooden boards.

  • The hammer is thinkamancy because the tamed units think that they like the wielder of the hammer.

  • The hammer is dirtamancy because it can blast you into a pile of ash/dirt.

  • The hammer is luckamancy because Stanley was a lucky bastard for finding it.

  • The hammer is findamancy because it was found.

  • The hammer is Lookamancy because LOOK WHAT I CAN DO... actually wait, that's just your eyes. The hammer had no part in it.

  • The hammer is foolamancy because when applied to people's noggins, those people become fools.

  • The hammer is signamancy, because you can use it to nail a sign to a wall.

  • The hammer is Hat Magic, because if you bonk someone in the head with it, the hammer becomes a hat for the duration of the bonk.

  • The hammer is moneymancy, because you can sell it to someone else.

  • The hammer Mathemancy... cause, I give up, everything is Mathamancy?

  • The Hammer is dollamancy because it looks like a toy, and can be used in the creation of dolls.

  • The hammer is weirdamancy, because it's kind of weird how such a powerful artifact looks like a toy.

  • The hammer is turnamancy because it reduces popping time for dwagons, and turns up the music.

  • The hammer is flowerpower because it can be used as a very blunt sickle.

Although in making this list so huge (and focused on the hammer), I fear I may have strayed from my focused point.
Everything can be seen as every mancy, depending on one's point of view.
Crisco wrote:
BanzaiJoe wrote:
Lots of talk about shockamancy and juice...

We know all casters have a basic shockamancy spell and all casters have juice but that does not necessarily mean that shockamancy = juice.

Do we have any actual evidence that shockamancy is juice or can be converted to juice?

I think it's just supposition at this point, based on the information we already have:

> Towers can have raw juice dumped into them to be used later in shockamancy blasts. Inefficient, but possible (Digdoug story).

> Shockamancy consumes juice when performed by any caster (various references, specifically Hoboken).

> The 'Hammer performs shockamancy with, as far as we know, no limit to use (again, various).

While not necessarily a 100% conclusive set of evidence, signs point to it being valid enough at least for a test. If shockamancy normally takes juice, towers normally store juice as shockamancy, and the 'Hammer can perform unlimited shockamancy, there's no reason to avoid at least trying to use some sort of conduit to direct it into Jed to charge him, as opposed to at him for damage. As it stands, it seems the ability to channel it is the major component that the Tool is missing to be able to limitlessly charge Jed, because he's not a caster and doesn't understand how that bit works.

New idea, tying in with both the romance and the magic research: Maggie links up with Parson, then figures out how to do linkups with non-casters.
atteSmythe wrote:
Fla_Panther wrote:
I'm also wondering who the two prisoners are supposed to be on Parson's shoulders. My best guess is Maggie & Jack but neither of them look anything like Maggie & Jack.
Wanda and Ivan Poe, I think

Afterthought.... Well that seems a remarkably unpleasant pair to have for your shoulder pixies.
In case he wasn't the man of her dreams before...
Definitely Ivan Poe judging by the neck and the "tan lines" from his speckles. But why the hair? TF2 Engi is bald. I thought we saw him in the comic from behind too and there were no hair like that
It was probably under his....hat.
Dunno if was mentioned(or if there's a better way to post about these things) but seems like a bit of bad grammar in this sentence: "He'd gotten used to idea of combat,"

Seems like should read "to the idea of combat"
Noigel wrote:
Face it, the guy likes getting pushed through portals by his staff.

Very good (complete) post by Noigel above, but the excerpt I have posted also sounds really filthy. :mrgreen:
David Hunt wrote:
I suspect that Jed didn't like the idea because he just plain thinks it's wrong.

That would make him a hypocrite though, since he wants a rigged portal for his own city
Jed the Head wrote:
Makuahine! Tell him to get me a kipi portal!

EDIT: Sorry, wrong thread.
Great Snot wrote:
David Hunt wrote:
I suspect that Jed didn't like the idea because he just plain thinks it's wrong.

That would make him a hypocrite though, since he wants a rigged portal for his own city
Jed the Head wrote:
Makuahine! Tell him to get me a kipi portal!

SILENCE! Do not bring your ramblings of events that take place in the distant future to this time period.