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Book 4 - Page 178
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I am still not sure what to make of the Temples to an extent they seem part convenient narrative tool to progress character development, part convenient device to get around restrictions built into the narrative for example a Thinkamancer is no longer needed to communicate quickly and efficiently between sides (which is good because an awful lot of them seemed to die this turn) but it doesn't seem to be a secure method of communication.

I also agree that this update highlights that this is a starter to the main dish of Parson vs Charlie but I think these temples might be hinting at the plot after Charlie. At some point Parson needs to beat him (in some fashion). So what comes next? If Parson defeats Charlie he doesn't bring peace or end war for the whole of Erfworld.

The fundamental forces of the world seem to be hinted at and scattered throughout all of the books we have read. The threat bigger than Charlie? The purpose of Fate? How decryption works? The portals and potentially a limited power source? The concept of 'Cheating' in a world of survival of the fittest.

I think the temples are going to be our mouth piece into that world they're literally talking heads that seem to rise from these primordial forces.
CDS wrote:
On fire this thread Jaded on fire.

Really thoughtful stuff I suspect after I have digested it I'll have opinions but at this moment just impressed.

Interesting. Sort of what we've known all along but haven't applied it. A lot of words and phrases have deeper signamancy than the shallow meanings the characters understand.

A good example is spell power words.
Jack likely has no idea what "Boat Mobile" has to do with invisibility. In his casting, the complex meaning of what he's doing translated into that. A lot of signamancy happens backwards, where meaning is substantiated into words the speaker doesn't fully understand.

In essence, those highlighted words could very well have the power of casting words, but used in a different context than spell casting. All the highlighted words either make stupid world references, have multiple meanings, or have some kind of emotional color added on. They that can't be understood accurately with pure Language.
Seannibal wrote:
Nakedkali wrote:
Jed has a H-string to Maggie because she's his mommy and thus is connected to Makaleka. Shirley has no such connection to Bill.

Shirley has exactly the same connection to Bill as that which allowed Jed to bring Parson back - the connection of a unit to a side.

There is a difference: Bill turned to Charlescomm, whereas Parson was summoned by Gobwin Knob. We do not yet know what that means in terms of strings, but it is quite possible that the difference is relevant and substantially so.

There are H-strings between a creator (caster, city/tower) and the units they created. Jed used an H-string. This may have been created by the Summon Perfect Warlord spell.

We know there must be an Upkeep string, probably Moneymancy. This is the only type of string we can be sure of that connects Bill to Charlescomm.

Maggie's recent insight came through the discovery of the importance and function of different types of strings. This revealed that what we, the readers, knew about strings (almost exclusively from Thinkamancers, with some insights added by Claud when linked to Big Think) is incomplete.

If there are Love strings between units (which I assume are the H-strings Jed used to bring Parson back), then Loyalty probably is represented by a string as well. Bill has shown vey low loyalty to his old side, and we have little reason to believe he has a strong string to his new side. His loyalty to / love for his own dolls was clearly stronger than his Duty to his new side.

The connection that Shirley has to Bill may be tenuous at best. Well, apart from what the Arkendish can give her, as has been said in this thread already.
UristMcRandom wrote:
Anyone else notice that the pipes representing the tutelaries are the same color as their portal? Jed is green, Shirley is orange, Huehue is yellow, and Templeton is red.

Yes -- this got spotted a while back.
Umbramom wrote:
Another point for the obsessiveness of the writing & coloring team:
Comparing this page against Book3/140 and 141, the color of a side's portal matches the color of the temple-pipe.

Makes me wonder if some of the other colored pipes will start joining in the chat later.
I'm wondering about the physical setup here. Is this how things actually look (I'm assuming somewhere deep beneath the Erf?), or more of a signamantic representation for our benefit?

Because I love the Signamancy of "the internet is a series of tubes" and "old ms screensaver", but if this is how they really physically are, I would imagine it could get awkward really fast. Take, for instance, Templeton eavesdropping in the foreground. What if he really wanted to talk to CC's Temple or TV's Huehue? Is he gonna Sign/talk with his back to them, or... can he rotate his head/pipe around to face them?

And while it's awfully convenient that the towers that need to talk to each other are physically close, what about when when towers from distant sides need to talk? They gonna yell across the void, or can they... move their pipes closer to each other (I imagine they would move like those old Snake games tbh)?

Sorry, everyone is wondering about the meaning of the highlighted words and all sorts of deep stuff, meanwhile I'm sitting here thinking "can the pipes move?" ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Unless the Temples are two-faced, then yes they can move. Compare Templeton's position in 323 where he is closest to the camera (and note Shirley and Huehue's), to Templeton's background stance in page 309.
I feel like it's more of a signamantic representation in the same vein as Thinkspace.
Thecommander236 wrote:
Using juice "from the source" is somehow bad, implying that it isn't as infinite as Charlie thinks.

There's another possibility. It could be considered stealing from a Titan and might incur severe penalties. That would have cool implications if that meant the Titans are still alive as they could be brought into the story as personalities.

What is the traditional music to play at an Erfworlder's birth?

Spoiler: show
Pop music :P
labster wrote:
OK, so the Source looks like a certain Microsoft screensaver, with its series of tubes. Jed is not a dump truck, that's for sure.

Perhaps King Dickey knows a few plumbers who can go down there and "fix" things.

They're not going to be Italian brothers, are they? They are not going to run into turtles, crabs, and bouncing flies are they?