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Book 4 - Page 14
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hitomi2500 wrote:
BanzaiJoe wrote:

Fate - what happens in the game
Erf - the gamespace
Numbers - the actual gameplay

The three must interact in order to have the game play on. My two cents.

Aw, cmon. Do you imply that numbers are actually... well, literally numbers? Just some variables and structures and classes and so on in some computer emulation? Well, it could be just true... but this supposition explodes with so many consequences, that it is really hard to analyze'em. Like the fact that Parson was digitized. Is he a real Parson then? Could he hack himself an immortality? Does that mean that humanity could achieve immortality if he will summon everyone else, and a hosting computer allow 6 gigapeople more? Could he restore all the croaked units from backups? Could he dupe himself (permanently, not like dittos)? Most of these and other questions are rather rhetorical...
But i think that Erfworld is hardly a computer emulation. Just take all these time issues with predictamancers. Are they even Turing-computable?

Numbers being literally numbers doesn't have to imply computer simulation. I think it it more as a literally magical tabletop game.
Numbers are stats and dice rolls.
Fate is the game master's fixed plot elements.
Erf is the magical game board, cards, tokens, and so on.
Personally, my "grand unifying theory of erfworld" is that it's actually the future, using Sufficiently Advanced Technology. Which is a lot less likely now that Charlie's extrauniversal channels are confirmed, but I've had some interesting thoughts about how it would work.
"Tabbacula" lol. Awesome.
Maybe the Cart thing bill and Vanna are working on is that thing that the dirtamancer was saying he needed in order to work faster digging underground in the magical kingdom. Didn't he said on that page that he didn't had one?

Maggie will probably reach master class or level after this history segment ends, which is good she ain't a Yamcha. :)

*Shameless offtopic: there's a retconjuration contest (link on my sig) with prices. in case you want to give a go at it. ^^
Whispri wrote:
Nightseraph wrote:
Vanna teaching basic turnomancy to Bill. Interesting. (Wheels are turnomancy).

Why does everyone think that the Bunny doll has actually been used or even works? We know Bunny is a better thinkomancer then Maggie. And its looks like Maggie is going to be in control of that Doll sooner rather then later.

It looks like Wanda's a better thinkamancer than Maggie, she's used similar tricks with Dolls at Haffaton. Transylvito are, very, very lucky they didn't capture her.

Well, it was established in book 1 that Wanda has an exceptional talent with other schools, but just has no interest in them. I doubt she's better though.
easter wrote:

I don't know why you assume "a powerful new insight" implies unique information when the notion that it implies a new deeper understanding of their craft that goes beyond information shared makes far more sense. Have you never read some concept over and over again, and seen it from different angles and described in different ways and just not gotten it and then one day, you look at it again and it just... clicks? Suddenly you understand the concept or how to perform the task it in a new and meaningfully deeper way. You aren't the first person to figure it out, but just having the instructions isn't enough. It's about getting that click and suddenly not just knowing dirtomancy, but UNDERSTANDING it that makes you a master. I see no reason to suspect it involves uniqueness to that understanding.

I really don't know why people think "a powerful new insight" implies something that is anything other than "a powerful new insight"

What you are talking about is "a powerful insight" not "a powerful NEW insight"
Because when spoken, "new" typically means "new to the person saying it" and not globally unique.

When I say "hey, I learned something new today!" I don't mean I made a fundamental discovery that nobody has ever thought of. I mean that I learned something that I didn't know before.
Infidel wrote:
I get the impression that the local war zone is really just a small fraction of the world. All of the warring sides in this conflict combined are only about 1/20 of the world.

In TBFGK 42, Charlie refers to the fight between GK and the RCC as "the great western conflict", so it's probably a relatively large or important war zone in the scheme of things.
Nightseraph wrote:
Longform wrote:
Father Prime wrote:

Now I’m going to be racking my brain all weekend trying to figure out what a Dollamancer and a Turnamancer would want with a tiny wagon…

Tabletop Oregon Trail game?

It clearly teaching to me. A tiny wagon with real moving wheels seems like the simplest possible turnomancy spell, and the easiest for a dollomancer to connect with.

So have we seen a character named "Terri" or "Terry" in the comic yet? I can't think of one, but if we have an Oregon Trail game, we need one.

(Just don't upset them).
hitomi2500 wrote:
ManaCaster wrote:
hitomi2500 wrote:

But i think that Erfworld is hardly a computer emulation. Just take all these time issues with predictamancers. Are they even Turing-computable?

Time issues? How do you mean?

Information from future breaks the stupidworld physics no less than time travellers. If you have an information from the future (a solid rock one, not stupidworld mumbo-jumbo predictions), then you already have an answer to the question yet to be asked. And if you can ask that question to your benefit, then you own the world.

On reading this, I am reminded of Rationalist Harry Potter's experiments with Time Turners, and the whole view of time in that world as singular, self-consistent, but not turing-computable, full of loops, and somehow finding the "Steady state" in one pass without backtracking, and not something to mess with.