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vreejack wrote:
While we are mentioning Book 0, was there ever an explanation as to what happened to Lex Doothis? He was Judy Gayle's overlord. I was wondering if Olive Branch had something to do with him croaking, and yet it was never mentioned at Olive's trial.

It was mentioned, but a couple updates after the start of it.
"The defendant then fled and defected to Haffaton, whose Overlord Lex was also under the influence of her Flower Power. The alliance between the sides was broken. She and the Warlady Judy led an army and laid siege to this city, urging the Wizard to surrender. Instead he fled, carried off by Archons who appeared from some distant side.

“Efbaum fell, and the Wizard founded Charlescomm at what he must have felt was a safe distance. Given Haffaton’s subsequent expansion, that may no longer be true. Later, the defendant croaked Lex, but that is another crime,” said Wanda. “The heracide charge.”
I wonder what Janis would have made of Olive? I gotta think she would have been pretty appalled, but who knows.
I bet the Florists have their own internal ranking for unharmonious casters - those that are dedicated to ruining the vibe, y'know?

Like, Bad Seeds are early-stage party wreckers, who have uncool urges and ideas but are either mostly harmless or small scale.
But Olive? Yeah, man, she was a full-blown Bad Apple. Massive, massive bummer, that one.
Anomynous 167 wrote:
The Unlurked wrote:
I am really hoping that after Erfworld raps up the main storyline we get side stories about different characters. You can't introduce a mash-up of Mad max and Maxwell Smart, make the character look that cool, and then bury him in the graveyard of What Could Have Been without him ever having said "I've got 99 problems" canonically.

Edit: There's already a HomeKey; maybe she could be the Ruler of Ctrl?

Loving Ctrl as a side.

I guess your idea is more creative than mineof having an Archon named "Barbara" (after Barbara Feldon, who played 99) leading a division called the 99 Luft-Brigade, which is also a reference to the song 99 Luftballoons.
Getting you to break character and give a compliment should come with a merit badge. :D

Seriously though, I liked your idea as well. If there's gonna be a Maxwell Smart there has to be a 99. Having your scenario where she's with Charlie while he's stuck with Olive would work well
toward getting that "I've got 99 problems" line into the comic.
I actually find it suspect that the Florists have an internal system of what would amount to excommunication. Also, I'm far from certain that they really knew or understood much of what Olive did (or how she made her end).

At least, I have my doubts that Janis knows. Her exchange with Wanda in prison makes less sense if Janis knew really anything about Olive.

And really...I have to wonder if the Florists would see anything really fundamentally wrong about Olive's methods. Sure that kind of use of Flower Power makes Janis uncomfortable, and Annie also finds the task unpleasant, but they both regard it as acceptable and even required of them. Janis would no doubt be appalled at the results of Olive's methods, but I seriously wonder if she would think to blame the methods or even Olive rather than those who resisted her.

Signamancers would be inclined to take Olive's appearance at face value (as at least one did). And Olive's own Date-amancy was impressive. But beyond that, I'm just not convinced that Florists believe that there can be such a thing as Bad Flower Power, only bad uses of it.
greycat wrote:
Anomynous 167 wrote:
His tie means that he is a very smart man, since only smart people wear ties.

Uh huh. Right.

I think it might have been a joke about dressing smartly? (Stylishness)
So... was I the only one that thought that the Lion looked like He-Man?
Thundercats and He-man are similar vintage (He-man is slightly earlier), and the design aesthetic has obvious similarities. Lion-O has basically the same role as He-man, brash young physical heroic leader of the good guys. So I wouldn't guess you'd be the only one to think they look alike.

I'm old/nerdy enough to be like "they don't look anything alike, and their theme songs are totally different too!" Like I even remember the theme songs except that one had "He-man" repeated a lot and the other had "Thundercats", with extra repetitions of "Thunder".
As to the piece the Isaac Doll is missing that doesn't make him quite enough like a thinkamancer:

A purse. All other Thinkamancers have purses, and the Isaac Doll doesn't. He'll never be able to pay his own upkeep, which is probably why he needs decryption so much.
It bothers me terribly that I'd forgotten that we'd gotten a pretty explicit explanation of the living dolls back on page 179.

Here was the knotty little string that makes a doll a little bit aware... not really so complicated. Now when it's done so simply and meanly. This Thinkamancy connects is to the Dollamancer because it's his own string, a crude copy of a few parts of his own mind. The golem is still its own unit, but a special one. It thinks that it thinks. It remains special only so long as the Dollamancer lives...