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Tonot wrote:
unlikely to be understood by one of the cousins without they slip on their Googles. I shall pay that.

Tipped just for that last
Anomynous 167 wrote:
I find it fascinating how I can troll you guys into teaching me ... blah narcissistic rant blah blah ... my weekly cries of "I'll get you next time, Baulder!" to prove entertaining.

Who are you and why do you think you somehow have power in a webcomic forum? And why do you think that would be impressive even if it were true?
Skull the Troll wrote:

You guys don't think the signamancy is the same?
pretty sure most people knew his VISUAL signamancy was the same, I took it the discussion was to do with what that conveyed about his nature/abilities/soul/limitations

Skull the Troll wrote:
He also became a supreme court justice after only one year of being a judge at all, making him (in the eyes of some) a "master" without any real experience to back it up.

Here, you provide exactly the information I was lacking about him, this is a very particular aspect of his signamancy, speaks* to his lack of true self belief, his determination to make his own choices as important as the group choices he had been part of.
ArkenSaw wrote:

Tipped just for that last
Well, thank you kindly, but I certainly stole that

Anomynous 167 wrote:
How did you know I was Greek?

Spell check, divination through Gatesian induced vacilliation.

*ugh. Did I really just lazily use this neologism. It is too early in the day for my brain.
Morgaln wrote:
Life_SSB wrote:
By way of attempting to settle this debate (although I don't have the source at hand), I recall a post from Mr. Balder stating that Parson gets summoned one day after Erfworld finishes; this way he has an excuse to keep current with modern jokes, memes, and other cultural touchpoints (such as the Pokemon Go reference when Caesar lit that one cig).

Of course by the time Erfworld finishes (about 15 years from now? I remember there being plans for at least book 4 and 5, possibly more), some of the contemporary references will probably be so obscure most people won't catch them. That's probably already a slight problem now, for people outside the western hemisphere.
It's a good thing that Erfworld is already full of decades old cultural references that are too obscure for anyone to get them even with Google. I find that aspect entertaining but not a mark of greatness, except insofar as it's a mark of dedication to the craft, which is associated with the will and diligence to do great things. But what's great about Erfworld lies elsewhere for me. I think that part of the real greatness is that the in-jokes we get about characters through their Signamancy means less than people who want to make Erfworld a mere socio-political commentary tend to assume. There are two sides to every story in Erfworld, and while that never prevents one side from being clearly right and the other clearly wrong, that clarity depends on what you bring to narrative rather than being imposed. Maybe Erfworld is a tragedy about Charlie's doomed fight against Fate...but if it is that won't be the only way to look at it.

I've enjoyed enough of Anomynous 167's comments to put up with the high risk of something generally offensive. They're usually at least trying to be fun, even when they maybe try a little too hard or not quite enough. The forums don't usually need a lot of extra stirring, but there is more danger of ruining things from people taking everything too seriously than anyone not taking anything seriously enough.
Anomynous 167 wrote:

artificeintel wrote:
On the topic of the updates title, I'm still trying to figure out the connection of this update to the metric system....

Roger was gramming Vanna. And he had plans on killing Parson.

And here I was gonna go with it being because of how weighty nature of Maggie's crimes. :P
Mithiwithi wrote:
Arky wrote:
Caprice wrote:
Completely off-topic, but with that expression on Parson's face, you know what I think he's saying?
"Ohhhh, I get it, Clarence Thomas. You have no idea how long that'd been bugging me!"

I actually think that there's a good chance Parson will get suspicious of Roger in the nick of time because of that exact point.

Parson hasn't expressed any opinions about Stupidworld politics that I know of - although he probably would have some opinions about Clarence Thomas, there's nothing in-comic that I can recall that would suggest what those opinions might be. And for that matter, there's nothing I can think of in RVC's characterization that suggests any relevance of Clarence Thomas in RVC's Signamancy beyond the comparatively neutral "Supreme Court justice", in amalgam with RVC's other Signs.

Parson doesn't need to have directly talked about Stupidworld politics for it to be clear what his personality and values are like. He wouldn't like Clarence Thomas.

As for there's nothing I can think of in RVC's characterization that suggests any relevance of Clarence Thomas in RVC's Signamancy, two things:

1) RVC has been depicted as, for want of a better word, one of the most conservative Great Minds even before he accessed his secret memories. A big supporter of the Erfworld status quo and not at all happy with Parson shaking things up.

2) The point is that the name may trigger Parson to realise that there may be more to this guy than he has realised, and not to take him at face value. Which is really all Parson needs- not to take RVC at face value.
pendell wrote:

This raises a question: Exactly when did Parson leave Earth? If he left at the beginning of Erfworld's book 1, then he's been out for more than ten years, missing the current and previous presidency.


Brian P.

I don't know if Rob Balder has ever expressed whether Parson's departure from Earth is set back in the year Erfworld began or whether "webcomic time" applies so that Parson is always relatively current, continuity be damned. As in a comic like Megatokyo where the main characters can have flip phones and talk about PS2 games as current, and then have smartphones and PS4 games as current only a few months later in storyline (but 15+ years later in reader time, obviously).
Was gone for a bit, and now catching up on all the comics I missed :P

First, I'm wondering what sort of schemes Roger and Vanna were up to? Just simple court intrigue or worse? Vanna and Roger both apparently loved Bea and Unaroyal, so I'm not sure how the word "schemes" could be seen in a positive or Noble light.

I don't know if Vanna truly does care for Roger, but for some reason I enjoy the continuing implication that she does. Regardless of whether it's true or not, I see it as a possible means of exploitation for either of them.

I am worried for Parson and Maggie; both seemed relieved to see Roger and trustful of him, and I'm concerned either he or Bill might use the Maggie doll to harm them. Also on the table is the monstrous doll made of spare parts and juice lying in the basement if Bill decides to help. We haven't seen it, but I get the sense it would look like Mistress Centipede from Inuyasha.

Also, I was originally concerned about Parson's eyes being solid colored as previous posts have mentioned, and wondered if this was a sign that he was becoming more Erf-like. However, I decided to crawl through the archives to see when he stopped having human-like eyes. Last time I could clearly find him having pupils was page 23. So this hasn't been something that's recently occurred. Whether it's signamantically important or not I can't say, but it could just as easily be a stylistic change.

I'm hoping there is some kind of work around so Maggie and Jack can recover their juice.
Jade wrote:
Whether it's signamantically important or not I can't say, but it could just as easily be a stylistic change.

Don't know how it could be less than significant, eyes being windows of the soul* etc.

Did it happen/does it happen when he gets more bound up in the to and fro of Erf-rules, is it his "game face" being signified, or is it like being drugged, poisoned, turning more unit-like with time?.

*I mean, I would be kinda freaked out if my pupils vanished. You wouldn't say "hey, that is a bit unusual" and carry on shaving your chin.
Well, because of how our eyes work you'd be blind if you didn't have pupils, which is how you'd notice.

So if you were still able to see while having no pupils, it would mean that something pretty fundamental had happened to the basic physical laws governing reality had changed. But if you're magically summoned to an alternate reality where you can grant yourself an easier time taking stairs by declaring yourself promoted from garrison unit...I think that "okay, everyone looks a little cartoonish here and I guess I'm not completely an exception to that" might come into play.

Parson was a little freaked out back when he realized that the cute little people killing everyone on his side would also kill him if he didn't stop them. But he got over it. The cleansing at dawn thing was certainly weird but also a dream come true. I think that looking in the mirror and realizing he didn't have visible pupils anymore would be a pretty minor issue...even assuming it's not just an art thing.

Heheh, now imagining Erfworld with photos of someone cosplaying Parson in every frame where he appears....