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Book 4 - Page 106
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KonradKnox wrote:
Rob, if Wanda breaks GK allegiance, I will be very mad at you.

I've believed, ever since I started reading Book 2, that a split is inevitable.
HighJumper wrote:
So, two questions. First, where can this discussion happen between those of us who are interested? There doesn't seem to be a place in the forums, even under the "Your Things" heading, that seems designed for this, perhaps intentionally. That leads to the second question, is it a good idea? Opening up a "Stupidworld Topics" heading, or the frankly titled "Controversial Topics" group of conversations that the wide variety of Erfworld readers might discuss, may not be conducive to Rob's Rule and the peaceful dialogue I have in mind. I think there's potential for there to be good conversations, though. The mature way y'all have handled discussing BDSM in relationships despite your differences has interested me in more discussion of Marriage and Relationships, both sharing and learning from our different perspectives.

...maybe PM me as a start. This wasn't meant to be a wall of text.

I would say, if this is a conversation topic that will continue to exist, we'll have to tread carefully. I think that for the most part we've done well at that, but as we all know, this is a heated subject. I'm unsure how much more I have to offer if the topic doesn't shift at least a little, though I'll continue to watch and provide insight if I feel it relevant. I'm always wary on subjects like this of ending up in a cycle of repetition that goes nowhere, and when it comes this close to adult topics I tend to stay reactionary. I have no problems frankly discussing details in non-gory fashion, if it's in the name of informative discussion and maintains the privacy of those involved. I'm also available for PM's if anyone has specific questions that would be too far outside the context of this discussion, or which grazes past the line of polite public discourse.

Chiu ChunLing wrote:
We already have functional polygyny and polyandry, it's just generally seen as 'immoral'. There are various concerns which mostly arise because of the biological reluctance of men to make a unreserved commitment to raising kids that may not be their own, or the inability of men to make a sufficient commitment to raise too many kids from too many different women. The average man isn't going to be able or willing to raise kids outside of a monogamous relationship, because of having too many kids to support, not enough certainty they're his kids, or both.

I will point out that there are people out there adopting children, so perhaps there's less reluctance to raising children that don't share a family bloodline than you'd think. There are also plenty of stories of men who have married into an existing family and been quite happy with it.

As to raising too many kids from too many different women, I would say that's made more difficult from being at the intersection of two different things - first being financial ability, as it's getting more and more expensive to sustain a family in the first place. That's just the state of the world today. Second being the difficulty inherent in bringing together multiple disparate families, which is the more important note. You're looking at this from the perspective of a monogamous man, where the monogamous model you've described assumes that you have mothers XYZ, and only one can have your attention and affection while the other two are baby-mommas. They may see each other as competition. In a poly relationship model, you may still be actively dating any or all of those women. It's likely they all know each other, and in an ideal relationship, each respects the fact that you need to spend time with the others, so long as everyone's needs are fulfilled. Of course, with children involved that gets VERY complex very quickly, but that's why poly people need to develop strong communication skills (and a sense of compersion), or the model falls apart.
zilfallon wrote:
...uhm, I haven't checked the thread since yesterday, but how the boop did we move from CO2 to polygamy?
Someone posted a tangential speculation about why Wanda might turn against GK which was based on the idea that Jillian enjoyed being raped. I pointed out that, however much Jillian might enjoy rough play (and whatever concerns anyone might have about that sort of thing), it was not the same thing as liking to be raped. A fair number of people seem to agree with that much, but it turned into a giant argument about sexual morality anyway.
zilfallon wrote:
Can you imagine my disappointment when I opened the forums expecting to see people going mad over CO2 while making puns about it?
To be fair, I think that the CO2 argument was running low before the sexual morality argument started.
zilfallon wrote:
Who's responsible for my unfulfilled dreams?
I will admit to attempting to derail the CO2 argument on purpose. However, I don't believe I was solely responsible, several other people abstracted that argument even further before it died. And I'm not the one that started talking about rape either.
Everything Else seems a good place to put these dumpster fire conversations.

Real Life Economics Talk seems to still be burning brightly keeping the other threads warm on cold nights. As with that conversation I honestly don't think anyone is saying anything 'wrong' here it just kills any form of discussion around the topic of the thread or even the comic itself.
So hey! Who's excited about the new page coming today? Who do you think it's gonna be about? Whadda ya think is gonna happen? Marie and shenanigans in ICFYS? A SpaceOperaRock update, it's been a long time since we've heard what's happening over there? Parscooby gang in TV's reaction to Free Wandy? Anyone else care to speculate?
DeanXeL wrote:
So hey! Who's excited about the new page coming today? Who do you think it's gonna be about? Whadda ya think is gonna happen? Marie and shenanigans in ICFYS? A SpaceOperaRock update, it's been a long time since we've heard what's happening over there? Parscooby gang in TV's reaction to Free Wandy? Anyone else care to speculate?

My money's on Marie :p
Personally I think like we're pretty much due for a Marie update in ICFYS, it's been a while and it's one of the places full of action right now. Especially with there only being a few flight stairs between the different parties and it's been enough time that Janis managed to run all the way from portal park to wherever the big "let's kill off wanda" event is happening.
and since we've gotten a lot of "wanda is free now!" updates - which is also a big point in Marie's plan - I think we'll get a big cliffhanger confrontation in ICFYS and shift away again until there's a bigger answer on what's happening with Janis or the pliers to leave us in suspense.

A bit of me is going "Well, there's been a big focus on RVC as well so chances are we'll see whatever is going on there" but on the whole i feel like we won't see that yet. there's other places with more important actions going on and we'll go back to RVC when we've almost forgotten about him with the focus on a lot of other things (like how marie's focus has shifted to wanda's freedom) and then suddenly they'll throw in RVC and we go all "omg what just happened?"
CarniDollMancer wrote:
CelebrenIthil wrote:

Don't be arrogant about your savvy. Some people here just like the story and aren't great with tech. Be kind, not sarcastic ( as I am one such non-savvy person, I would like that). Remember rule 1: don't be a dick.

Jade wrote:
Plus, isn't there an internet rule or something that even if you're being sarcastic/joking there's always going to be someone that will think you're serious?

I guess not everyone mentally reads my posts in Tramennis' snarky tone! My bad.

Luitz wrote:
I read that as tongue-in-cheek; "hey, here's a better capture for your Avatar". Sarcasm can be friendly, I think.

I started that avatar over twice because I realized I had zoomed in much closer than the original and as such might not respect Dirk Diggery's original intent, and I went the extra mile of nudging the speech bubbles a bit so it all fit more neatly and fixing the white space... Considering I also only bother to post once in a blue moon... I don't put that much effort into being unfriendly.

Also wow, I was kidding about the avatar offending me, but some of the stuff here... Looks like I went from 0 to 3 forum foes in a single discussion there! Who knew, it finally happened!

But that being said, thanks a lot to everyone here who calmly collected some of the ...unsavoury folk who spewed some choice nonsense earlier in the thread.
Sometimes, I seriously wonder how certain people manage to go about on the world understanding almost everything wrong about 50%+ of the population! How do you even do that?
Titans know how the Internet can turn into a pretty hostile place at times. I sure do not have the mental energy to put up with that Yellow Dwagon #2 Surprise on the Erfworld forums, especially when having to deal with it in the rest of my life, but thank you so much for doing it for those of us who can't.
I did have to check out of the forums for a while in earlier months after reading too much callous garbage around Maggie's assault, but thanks to some of you here, it didn't degenerate (too far (yet)) here.

So, sorry if this comment is a bit haphazard, but yeah, this once I wanted to add thanks to my usual stealth-shmucker-awarding. Please know there's a lot of folk who silently thank you when you help keeping your corner of the Internet a little less hostile. :)
CelebrenIthil wrote:
Looks like I went from 0 to 3 forum foes in a single discussion there! Who knew, it finally happened!

Please. I have no forum foes (I don't get along real well with a couple, like Palermo and his tirade on megalos, but no foes). I just read it as a statement of superiority, and it sounded jerky. I guess in the future I'll try to hear you as King Tram.I

My bad.
Is there even a way to know that people have foed you other than them saying they've done so?

I would think that would slightly undermine the point of the foe function.

Of course, I don't mind if the foe function has a little hole like that. I'm not a good enough person to not want to be able to find out who's foed me. I'd be unlikely to actually do anything with the information, because I'm already such a bad person that being worse to someone for foeing me would be too much effort and I'm hardly going to be better to someone who's foed me.

But now I'm curious.
Arci wrote:
So, Wanda is now as safe as she can possibly be, in a location that nobody who can see her can reach her and few people can see her, in fact, other than Ivan, the only one that might be able to even know she's there would be Deiform or whatever-that-thing-that-only-thinks-it-is-alive-is-supposed-to-be.

So, if the shots start flying, all they need to do is get her the arkenpliers and she can mass-decrypt every body on the island. And with her croakamancy senses she can always tell when there's a dead body to decrypt.

I still wonder if Wanda has any juice. Given her proficiency for non-croakamancy magic she might be able to dig them through the bedrock herself.

When the crap starts heading for the fan, it brings confetti! On fire!

Of course, it just wouldn't be crap hitting the fan if it didn't bring a bunch of friends as well to take the plunge along with it.

We've got Parson in TV, TV itself, RVC doing something stupid, Jojo basically being stupid, Charlie... whom we haven't heard from (directly) in a while and whom I can't help but think might have some big plan about to hit or something, we've got Wanda and her two toys playing in (under) the dirt(amansion), we've got Deiform being all mysterious and self important, we've got a subversive duo in Vanna and Bill that's doomed to go nowhere, we've got the prisoners, we've got Marie and Jillian which is just insanity itself, we've got the free casters...

...and now we've got Janis who just can't stay out of trouble no matter how much of a goodie-two-shoes she pretends to be.

Just die and get decrypted Janis, it'll make you fell... er, FEEL... better, I promise.

And all the crap's friends brought their lit fireworks, and it's all about to hit the fan.

That makes me wonder, at what point do we stop saying that and just admit that it's already IN the fan?

Crap hit the fan back when Lilith downgraded Charlie's capital city. You can tell because that's when lawyers, guns, and money started to be sent. Right now we're watching it all spray off onto secondary and tertiary fans.