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A live round for the firing squad

Book 4 - Page 105
Comic - Book 4 - Page 105

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carp golem wrote:
Apologies if ninja'd, but 12 pages is too much right now.

It has been repeatedly suggested that cutting Parson's string might catapult him back to stupidworld. This is often followed up by talk of him having to be re-summoned. Re-summoning seems to me like a somewhat clumsy way to return him to erfworld, narratively speaking.

If he does get twanged (and I think he might) then I have a feeling we will get to see what happens when Parson reads the scroll of GTFO after arriving in Ohio.

Earlier in this thread I said there'd be a "red string or blue?" question.

I'm calling artwork now. There'll be a Matrix callout: Parson as Morpheus from RVC's point of view, with RVC reflected in Parson's 3d glasses.
alowe wrote:
The epicness meter just crept up a notch.

My only question is, does Parson even have a string?
Or maybe his string is connected all the way back to Earth.

I don't think Parson has a full complement of Grandiocosmic Strings. I do, however, think he has a red string tying him to Erfworld and a blue string tying him to Stupidworld.
wizzardman wrote:
alowe wrote:
The epicness meter just crept up a notch.

My only question is, does Parson even have a string?
Or maybe his string is connected all the way back to Earth.

I'm betting on a "King in Yellow-esque" moment where Roger runs back into the MK screaming "No strings! No strings!", while Parson stands there making Pinocchio quotes.

I was thinking the dude from Gamer "I've got no strings on me", pointing out that he has no player in the upcoming game and therefore no lag.
A thought just occurred to me, Parson is here one Erf, tied to it with an earth string tugging at him too. If his string is cut whats the chances it's the right string? He might be stuck on erf and more fully enter the world, gain treasury sense and seeing stats like the natives do with nothing straining to pull him out of this world anymore.

Or both strings get cut, leaving parson on erf but cut off from magical effects like thinkagrams and upkeep/popping food? No more senses to give or receive orders hell he might even lose his ability to connect to a side and belong to any group,
Chiu ChunLing wrote:
I suspect Jojo Carnied Roger into linking at all, and then Carnied him to modify a portion of his mind using the link, and that part of Roger's mind probably has ideas and beliefs that didn't come from Roger in the first place. But I'd tend to say that it was a portion of Roger's own string, heavily modified by Carnied Thinkamancy, rather than a part of Jojo's string.

I'm thinking the same thing, and that RVC was Charlie/Jojo's "backdoor" mole into the GMTTA, primarily as a spy, but also ready to activate whenever Charlie decided that he needed to move against the GMTTA (for plans with a slightly longer fuse, anyway, since RVC doesn't access the Garden very often).
Hi guys. First time posting, cause things are gettin' real interesting and I have nobody else that reads this comic that I can discuss them with. :P

So, this update, a few things. Firstly, Parson does have a string. Unfortunately I can't find the update, but I'm 99% sure that in one of the text updates around when he was meeting with the Great Minds, it said that the Great Minds had agreed to leave his string alone. Ergo, he has a string.

Second, the VCR thing; has anyone realised that VCR is going into TV? :P I wonder what movie we'll see...

Regarding the temple, very very interesting stuff there. Not sure what's going on with Isaac; the theory that all the strings now reside in his body and he's some kind of megamind or something is a quite interesting and plausible theory. As far as what happened to the temple, I think Charlie blew it up. Ivan and Claud were wondering what the minecart was doing, and the action figure inside it. Charlie can link up with the figure and cast, though he probably didn't need to. I imagine he used the action figure and the cart to transport explosives under the temple and explode it.

Can't wait to see what comes next!
So Roger Victor Clarence jumps to conclusions here. One of the great minds who use a rigorous analytical method for carefully and logically analyzing every situation. Makes no sense.
EDIT: Well, unless Jefftichew is manipulating him into it, but it seems unlikely that he wouldn't have taken precautions against that when working with a carnymancer. Roger doesn't seem like the trusting type to me.
What if Parson has strings, but the strings are there to bind him, not only on Erf, but to its rules.
You cut the strings, and suddenly Parson can ignore orders, ride dragons, walk through hex boundaries offturn, shrug of most magical effects...

What happens when a summoned and bound eldritch abomination is no longer bound, but is not banished?

Hell, he might have infinite hitpoints and super strength for all we know (he's a human and everyone else is a wargaming miniature).
And then he expands to his true size, as seen here. So he's, what? A hundred or so hexes tall?

That might not work out so great for anyone in TV when it happens.
So this explains the note that Roger gave to Jojo. Except, how did he think to do it when he was in eyemancer territory and right next to Parson Gotti?