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Book 3 - Page 96
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I just noticed, we have a possible art mistake in panel one; is this a tip of a rifle's barrel right above Fifinella head? She doesn't have a chest belt of a rifle and in panel 3 she's armed only with a pistol, so what is it?
Guynietoren wrote:
A fully working gun is possible, and possibly came from the mind of a stupidworlder.

Well, Charlie was a key player in making the original Summon Perfect Warlord spell that summoned Judy Gale. Maybe he learned enough about guns to make them from her.
So if Charlie can use Archons as relay points to cast spells through, why can't Wanda use Lilith as a relay point to force Decrypt Charlie and the recently fallen Archons? Or pull a repeat of what just happened in mindspace and start a decryption wave through Charlescomm?
Ah yes, shooting Nazis is always fun.
Thecommander236 wrote:
Ah yes, shooting Nazis is always fun.

Who are you, and what have you done with the real Commander? This is far too short...
You know that on the TV Tropes page I made the argument that CC was supposed to represent the Nazis what with their zealous single-minded devotion to a partial madman who everyone regards as a tactical genius but does something as stupid as piss off the most capable warlord in existence and using Triple AA guns and propaganda. I swear that I was a little disappointed when someone deleted my entry because it wasn't conclusive but now we have horrible experimentation and mind raped. All we need now is the genocide of some species. Maybe elves or non-CC archon. We have a little of the latter I would say but that isn't conclusive. Either way I may drag out the Nazi-card for CC from now on. But not in the political way. In the "it's fun to kill Nazis way and therefore anything fun to kill is now referred to as a Nazi because it amuses me" kind of way. Also, Charlie is a dick who can have his evilness can be measured in kilo-Nazis at this point.
Yep, they are totally nazis and not an american corporation with their signamancy, actions, leadership and ideology.

Whoops, they actually have something in common with the nazis: they are the greatest risk to a certain very large side that uses communist heraldry, uses mind washed soldiers that their enemies don't see as "real" people, has a fanatic for a leader, opposes monarchy and almost lost the war for using commanders who were chosen for some useless attribute.

Umm... but that doesn't work well either because an alliance of more traditional sides was allied with them against that enemy and not the other way around...
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar... :D

Not usually, when Erfworld is involved, but still...
In other words no celebrities were hurt.

Are you kidding me!