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“Am I gonna have to get mean now?”

Book 3 - Page 83
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Dark Shadow wrote:

Hey, I don't hate bards. I think they're great... Useful, Versatile... but I'm not someone who appreciates singing. That's all.

Why don't you like singing? You can sing by yourself or with others, it makes no difference.

I mean, if we're actually talking about Erf bards, that's 100% Rhyme-o-mancy.
Polvane the eraser wrote:
Yeah, I think that green stout one is a Hungry Elf. Odie mentioned shoving a 'big fat Hungry Elf' out of his way.

Yeah that was my interpretation as well.

DunkelMentat wrote:
Thecommander236 wrote:
The fat one in the fist picture? Yeah... he even has the earrings... I can see that... (kinda) And that guy is probably a Hungry elf...

Yeah that's the one. Ha! A hungry elf that eats crap food and shouts while chewing with his mouth open and harasses women.

I laughed. I like that. XD

wakko wrote:
Odie talks about how he isn't as good as other elves in anything. Maybe that's it though. Maybe that's one of their things. The fact that they are good (or at least decent) at everything, but not the best at anything. Maybe they are just "extra" elves because every other kind of elf covers every area of specialty better, and so in every area they are just the "extra". If they are the jack-of-all trades and master of none then it would make the most sense to have them in the reserves.

That may be it. I may need to add that to the speculation on supe elves.

CarniDollMancer wrote:
Oh. My. Arkin'. Boop... Superfluous Elves are Bards. They can support anyone, but they will be inferior to everyone if left alone. You don't NEED them, but they can help (often/always more than people expect. Dunno how many players/DMs I've met that underestimate the tactical Bard). Bard analog also explains why Odie took the spokesman role (twice now).

The bard has always got the bum deal but, yes, that why the bard is a good character... If you lose a specialty character of that character runs out of move or magic, the bard can take over to finish up the job. The singing actually HELPS fighting in this world though, so there's that as well. The biggest benefit of bards is that they know lore. They are more knowledgeable than any one else which makes them the best strategists (except Elan) or at least very good scholars (actually like Elan).
And you said you couldn't use Superfluous elves as cannonfodder.
I, uhh, I don't try to use any sentient creature as fodder. Even imaginary ones, but yes I guess you can. However, in this case, supe elves would be the second wave, not the fodder.
Beeskee wrote:
Whoever Predicted they would be an aggregate tribe, come brag here and I'll tip you 10 shmuckers. :D

If I missed any, let me know.

Called it! (in addition to other posters...) least, the bit about being composed of other Brands, and that converted Juggles retain their base Specials.

...and No One In Particular was probably the first to concretely air the idea that Juggles were originally other Brands.

Where I was off: Conversion being (apparently) consensual Signamancy rather than directed Turnamancy - though Rock-based Turnamancy hasn't been disproven, just not-demonstrated-AND-fails-Occam's-Razor. It's the difference between choosing to Turn and being compelled/encouraged to Turn...

Note that the Decrypted generally seem to consider their new Loyalties to be more sensible than their old Loyalties, and that any right-thinking person should choose the same. Paradoxical deterministic free will, yo.

I also Predicted that they'd have issues with Charlie, but for the wrong reasons. Charlie headhunted the Gobwins and Hobgobwins - who now wear suits! They won't just hate Charlie for racial-allegiance reasons, they'll hate him for exemplifying the success born of conformity that was denied to them. That, and he's helping Royals. (That's not going to stay secret forever...)

Edit-rather-than-double-post: Not sure if this is a deliberate pun/layered Signamancy, but it occurred to me that "superfluous" is phonetically similar to "superfluid", which describes substances which flow with zero viscosity/resistance. Given Odie's ability to "flow through the crowd", I wonder if the more concrete forms of the Superfluous Elves' "GTFO Special" involve things like "disengage with enemy at any time" and "pass through occupied hex without auto-engaging". Which if true, would make them damn useful as scouts.

Also, apparently "ouphe" is an archaic/Germanic word for "elf", and from which the word "oaf" is derived (used to describe "odd" children thought to be changelings), and nowadays rarely used outside of Magic:The Gathering.
CarniDollMancer wrote:
Why slam on Bards because they are "annoying" when in fact they are actually good at archery, melee (depending on choice) sneaking, disarming, casting, healing, buffing (especially buffing) and most notably: talking. If they aren't the best, SO WHAT? They can still do it. Bards are actually a great character class for a group. Just never, ever alone.

I think you need to be introduced to "Bards! Bards! Bards!
Rereading this stuff, and it struck me how much Stanley is Donald Trump. Cash money, losers.
fehler wrote:
Rereading this stuff, and it struck me how much Stanley is Donald Trump. Cash money, losers.

"We're gonna make Gobwin Knob great again. I mean... look around I'm surrounded by clowns!"

"And we will buid a great wall to the south to protect us from Transylvito, because Transilvito is sending us their best: they are violent, they bring crime, they bring drugs..."

"And believe me no one builds wall like I do, I'm the best. I know the best dirtamancer.

"And we'll make Transylvito pay for the wall and if they dont want to pay: Bam, I just made it 10 feet taller, that will teach their flying units something"

"Now I never said I hate Haggar, some of my best friends are from Haggar... But they tell me I'm right and that we should double-cross and raze Haggar..."

“The beauty of me is that I’m very rich.”

“My fingers are long and beautiful, as, it has been well documented, are various other parts of my body.”

"There is no good and no evil, that's propaganda"
This makes me smile so much.

I relate to Stanley a lot because he's someone who doesn't fit within the normal Erfworld strata and even though he's heavily disliked by most of his peers, he keeps trucking along, refusing to bow to the contempt of the Royals.

I get that, and I know one of the hardest things about persisting despite the cliques arrayed against you is the sense of fighting alone against a group of people who despise you just because you're not part of their club.

So I'm stoked that it looks like Stanley found some buddies he can rock out with :)