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"I think they’ll see we’re still the biggest baddest beast on this hill"

Book 3 - Page 76
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They fight the game they know. Of course they play to their strengths. Tramennis made the same mistake. He played diplomat when he should have strong armed them immediately.
Not true in the case of Tramennis. He was basically hogtied by what his father wanted him to do, which was to parlay with Gobwin Knob when they thought they 'had them (Gobwin Knob)' in an inescapable trap. He never figured on Parson pulling a rabbit out of his hat, promoting everyone to heavy/having them harvest their mounts to get them out of the bad situation they were in.
From his position, he did the right thing that he had been taught to do though it was the wrong thing in the long run.
Yes, but Tramennis is the one that wanted to parley and deal with sincerity which gave Parson the time to do all of that. He's actually as at fault as his father.
Beeskee wrote:
Keep in mind Jillian had no idea what happened to FAQ, other than "a large overflight of dwagons" and then the side fell. Did someone claim it? Were they still there? FAQ's little valley can be a deathtrap to an invader, which is what Jillian would be if the site was claimed.

Whether she heard it from Wanda, or scouted it out herself, she somehow knew Stanley hadn't rebuilt her cities. She told the coalition as much. The odds of eventually getting 3 level 1 cities up and running were not so bad, even ignoring Fate. And she has a way with making allies.

Heck, forget logistics. Even if reclaiming Faq was truly impossible, Jillian's attitude towards Ansom and Don King's support is far more telling. She doesn't react to their offers as a tiresome, but finally fulfilled duty. She reacts to it like being a beetle trapped in a bottle with no way out. No, restoring Faq wasn't in her mind, even as a long term goal.

I mean, I know she enjoyed the mercenary lifestyle, owed Faq's ungrateful casters nothing, and had good reasons to hate her father's legacy, but that's basically my entire point.
That was much later AFTER the initial destruction and at that point she was under contract from Jetstone. It was much easier to take out Stanley then instead of fly to the site and reclaim the capital. Especially since she knew the guy that destroyed his side was right there and could fly there at any moment. If Jillian knew that Stanley hadn't claimed the cities yet then she would know that it would be his bolthole. Not only did she not want to claim that capital at that time, it would incredibly stupid to claim a capital that a dude with 30 dwagons may just charge over to at any time. The only reason Ansom suggested reestablishing the capital is because he could get TV and CC to back her up. That's something that Jillian couldn't have assumed as a given. TV wouldn't support a potential enemy without diplomacy and Slately hated her rotten guts. Seriously, Mana, now you're just stretching.
Thecommander236 wrote:
Yes, but Tramennis is the one that wanted to parley and deal with sincerity which gave Parson the time to do all of that. He's actually as at fault as his father.

And they're both at a lot more fault than Don.

Because Charlie himself gave Jetstone a full dossier on Hamster and the royals were all "Haha, we fear not the potato warlord, victory is assured!".

Speaking of which, did Trems even bother to share said dossier with the rest of the coalition?

So either Don didn't get the dossier, in which case Trems is doing a major mistake in not sharing important intel about the main enemy strategist, or Don got the dossier but didn't take it seriously either.
I'm sure Tramennis would have a good reason to not share the dossier, but I can't really think of one. Maybe because it got buried in the rubble of Spacerock, but why wouldn't he have Charlie send a dossier to everyone? Maybe because he doesn't trust Charlie not to lie in it?
Thecommander236 wrote:
Seriously, Mana, now you're just stretching.

Fine, so reestablishing Faq before now was completely physically impossible, it was very understandable that she would stop even thinking about it, and my argument was foolish to even consider.

You still haven't addressed why her attitude does not imply that she gave up a lot more easily than she could have. She reacted to Don King's offer as if she had been caged with no method of escape. That is not the attitude of a begrudgingly dutiful daughter who tried, failed, and has been given a 2nd chance. That is the attitude of someone who has been avoiding something for as long as she can.

The purpose of the plan was to preserve Banhammer's legacy. She has outright said that she never wanted it. Even since overcoming those impossible logistics, she has made no efforts towards this end. I doubt any of Faq's casters would be interested in her new cause to begin with, but it doesn't sound like Jillian's extended any invitations to the MK either.

Please understand that I do not consider her reasons for not wanting Faq or her father's legacy unreasonable. I realize she was unappreciated, did not fit in with the life style, inherited an impractical burden, has other priorities, and was downright mind raped. As annoying as I find her character, I am not going on an anti-Jillian rant as several people seem to believe.
Hmm... you know I heard about this. It's called being in "violent agreement". Where two people are arguing the same thing, but are getting angry over it. Taking a step back, it seems the only real distance between out two points (besides logistical disagreements) was that at the core, you don't like the fact that she gave up so easily, while I excuse it. Most other points we agreed on. In the end, I think she really should have retaken Faq as Ansom told her to, but she had to get convinced to do so by Don King. In theory, she could have allied with the RCC and gone back right then and there to Faq taking the long way around the kingdom. At the very least, she would have had an alliance with TV and, thus, nothing to fear from them. It was her indecisiveness that prevented her from doing so. She wasn't willing to give up her past to Ansom that early.

Again, I excuse that because she had been keeping the existence of Faq a secret since the turn she popped. Giving it up would be very difficult for her, especially after her Jester was destroyed. Plus going straight the kingdom seems more her style. Must have felt good to croak enemies, especially ones belonging to her father's killer.
Ah, time for me to jerk Caesar's dick some more:

Transylvito is fighting three other sides. It lost ground and men when it was paying for FAQ which always makes a comeback harder. Its two keys allies have been by turns destroyed (Unaroyal) and have lost their capital and big chunk of their army and cash (Jetstone). And yet Caesar has still managed to turn things around despite all this and possibly not even having the full backing of his side's leader.

What a badass

It kind of backs my pet theory that he's someone who performs better and better the longer the odds and more hopeless the situation. That you can trap him strategically and he'll cut his way through via superior tactics and personal fighting ability.

This may just be me fanboying though ¬____¬

This thread argues about if Don is dumb or not. Backing FAQ and popping an heir are not necessarily the most reasonable actions but life is not all reason. Actions are taken in pursuit of goals and goals are dictated by ethics.

However, if Don really is trying to get Caesar killed when Caesar is this overwhelmingly competent and the situation Transilvito is in is this bad then yeah, his signamancy is definitely suggesting something of a failure.