Book 3 - Page 132

Have some onions! (For this shall end in tears.)

Book 3 - Page 132
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Polvane the eraser wrote:
I am still hoping and anticipating Gobwin Knob croaking and decrypting every barbarian caster that attacks or incites to attack even one of their units.

I'm not sure how any other option is possible. Gobwin Knob is a side. Sides don't last long if they don't punish acts of war.

Parson has said it quite clearly before. He said he was not at war with the MK. The army was there in case casters got in his way. If casters got in his way, they can expect to join his personal guard.

So I agree with you. Parson must follow through on that threat.

But he also has to prove right now that, beyond casters who get in his way, he is not a general threat to the MK. He is not killing casters non provoked. The one who did that was Charlie.
Something else that hasn't been talked about yet, is what sort of intel Bonnie would be able to provide GK. Being in the portal room she would know every caster Charlie has worked with for as long as she has been there. She probably doesn't know what they were doing for Charlie (only the FFF probably know that), but now GK will know who many of Charlies agents are. That could get interesting.
Even without Parson threatening to croak and decrypt any actively hostile barbarian caster, Gobwin Knob is sure to want to do that.

I think the only units that might balk at doing so are Parson himself and Sizemore. Everyone else would probably go along with this policy.

In fact, if I were to guess, I'd say that someone will threaten to or actually ignite a flame in the Magic Kingdom and cause it to go uncontrolled. It is forbidden, but that only makes it more likely.

What I don't know is the cause: Gobwin Knob against the barbarians? Charlescomm against the barbarians? The barbarians against Gobwin Knob? Maybe each faction against everyone else?

Mutually Assured Conflagration.
Huh. Maybe the Onion Wizard is based on the Amazing Randi? I can't find a picture of him with a top hat, and he had dark hair when he was younger, but the cane and facial hair (and the potential conflict with a con man in the near future over persons having been taken in) make it pretty similar.

EDIT: Plus the fact that he looks wealthy and the MK currency is "Rands".
The green text on the guy's shirt from update 125 seems to me to be in a mirror image; it is an "AN" or "ON".

I was thinking - like someone before me a few pages back - that this could be Alfred Noble, hence AN. But I don't think he wore glasses, and those glasses look modern.

Perhaps this guy from Onion News, then? Though hair colour does not match :(
Free Radical wrote:
Sir Dr D wrote:
I am nervous about the next update. I do hope Sandy is going to be all right. The reference to the onions, and the fact that the bolt was green leaves the impression it was meant to debilitate instead of croak.

I don't think we've ever seen a Decrypted killed without seeing them start to turn to dust immediately, so I'm inclined to think she's still alive. On the other hand, she's located in a pretty awkward spot if she's incapacitated - right in front of Charlie's portal.

If she happens to fall through while incapacitated, once everything is calmed down again Parson might be faced with the choice of leaving her to the same treatment Lilith just escaped or spending five million shmuckers to step through and retrieve her which would simultaneously piss off the MK casters again.

If you have more than 500k in the treasury you go and get Sandy if she falls through. Hopefully she does not. I actually hope a cessation of hostility is done by the MK. The Unpainted and Casters get together with a Hippiemancer to stop all hostility for the turn or long enough for everyone to lick their wounds go home.

Hopefully Alec is a Carnymancer to perhaps link the Carnymancer with Ace and alter the portal in another way to get the troops in the MK home because once the truce is up or even the turn. CC could easily turn that into a warzone par none. GK doesn't have the manpower to hold that area for a sizable amount of turns.

I have a feeling Alec may just be a Dittomancer. Hopefully Wanda will differ to Parson when it comes to the negotiations if the MK casters are actually interested in talking. And makes me wonder where are the Think/Predict/Hippies at this time. This action seems to be something they'd want to take note of.

Someone brought up what would Wanda be doing with her Spare juice? I know what I'd be doing is practicing other magical disciplines, leveling that way and being a super mancer of multi disciplines. Like having her practice healamancy. I mean she can do Thinkamnacy why not others?

And with the cessation of hostility we can get to the page I feel many people are wanting to see. Reaction shots of the treasury by the Tool himself.
Given the scrolls she had in Book 1, she might turn excess juice into scrolls of other disciplines.
yuffiek wrote:
Thecommander236 wrote:

Oh yeah, that psychopath, thanks. I haven't really watched that show, but I know the gist. Yeah, it is not good that she's here.

It could be FAR worse, but thankfully, the Arkenscissors DON'T EXIST...

Parson's breakfast specified that there are four known Arkentools, which doesn't exactly rule out the possibility of Arkenscissors being unknown, particularly if they've been disassembled.
Dark Shadow wrote:
What reason do they have to believe Gobwin Knob?

A portal that any unit can pass through for starters?
ArkenSaw wrote:
King Dickie of Haggar would probably be inclined to believe just about anything GK told him about Charlie at this point. Granted, that's only one side, but the information could spread out from there.

Not only him. Charlie's reputation is not that of a knight in Shining armor. Ansom and Tramennis were both weary of dealing with him and they are probably not the only ones.

As for an impending CC attack on Spacerock - I think that is extremely unlikely.
Charlie has about 600 - make that 550 after all his recent losses - archons, half of which are probably spread around Erfworld on assignments and most of the rest is probably needed for defense and other duties (like overseeing farms) in his own capital and surrounding hexes.
So let's be extremely generous and say he has 100 archons within range of Spacerock, that would probably still not be enough to take a level 5 defended by dwagons. We've seen what a spelled up tower is capable of, and that wasn't even Jed...
Yes, the archons would probably croak more units than they lost but than would only mean Charlie would lose even more money.
Parson _should_ try linking up. Maggie probably wouldn't mind. It could reveal more about his nature as a potential caster. Actually make the other link Lillith. I want more data on the question "Just how magical ARE archons?" Yup. That's the only reason I want that Trimancy link. Science.

My gut feeling is Stupidworlders have a chance to become "everything", like all XP counts towards all skills for them. No core move set, but the ability to learn any. I kinda got the feeling Charlie was a Stupidworlder and he just happened to pick up a lot of Carnymancy. He implied he had started to glimpse the principles of Croakamancy from watching Wanda. Might be Stupidworld origins, might be the 'Dish.

Oh and I feel like Jack's <!> was a mini warning that has some small effect like "Target status changes to [Warned] from [Flat-footed] and can't be crit this turn." If so, that might have been another tiny straw that saved Wanda's bubble from being popped, and thus the battle.