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Free Radical wrote:

When Olive re-captured Jillian, she cast her non-engagement spell. Jillian said she could still win by having her yellow dwagon crap-bomb the Tannenbaum to escape, since "We won‘t have to engage; it‘s not even archery.", and Olive agreed that it would have actually worked. So, it looks like Hippiemancy has limitations on what it can prevent from happening.

On a side-note, "I‘ll just get out of this Hippiemancy trap by dropping acid." is probably still one of my favourite lines from the whole comic.

MMM, good citation. And from it I would gather that Hippiemancy doesn't normally stop archery, or that Hippiemancy that prevented archery would be some next level hippiemancy, perhaps borderline Titanic. Maybe if the Hippiemancers achieve their goal of an Erfworld without war, there will still be war, but it will all be archery, dropping stuff on enemy units and tricking units into falling off cliffs.
Dante wrote:

Well, speculation has been that Ned Stark is either a Signamancer or Moneymancer (although, the latter is predicated on him being Master of Coin as well as Hand of the King, and AFAIK Bean's character never held the former position, that would have been Aiden Gillen as Petyr Baelish).

The speculation about one of the beans being a moneymancer is mainly based on the idiom "bean counter", you are correct that Ned Stark was not the master of coin. If Ned Stark was a Signamancer or Predictamancer, he would have been the worst one in history, as many people humorously pointed out when speculation on his caster type began.
So I've managed to track down what the actual English lyrics to Numa Numa (Dragostea Din Tei) are. And I do not mean the ridiculous junk about the painter who's painting shades of gray.

The song is a breakup song. The singer is talking about (presumably) his love; and that his love is leaving. (Oddly, the song doesn't identify the other person; in fact, it features two male singers. Could this be a same-sex relationship breakup?) The repeated section of the song is saying, "you want to leave but you don't want to take me, don't want to take me, don't want to take me". ["Numa Numa iei" translates roughly as "you don't want, you don't want to take me"].

So let's understand this: the singer is saying, "I'll be brave, I'm not asking for anything from you, and I'll say goodbye, and you're leaving, and I will just be okay with you not taking me with you". WHILE BEING CHEERFUL!

This is not a sad song; this is a song about somebody who has been unable to end a bad relationship, and is finding the relationship ended for them!

And this is being sung to the arriving Archons.

In other words, they are saying to the arriving Archons: You're in a bad relationship with Charlie. You've been unable to leave, and now the relationship will be ended. Be happy.

(Sorry if this is a dup; this thread is growing rapidly. I'm many pages behind)
Travelyan was a triple-agent (Betrayed MI-6, works for the Russians and betrays them for himself) going by the alias "Janus." Janus is the two-faced God of Portals and Doorways, of comings and goings. As the former 006 agent, he's likely a Dittomancer with some skill in Moneymancy and Lookamancy.

As for Ned Stark, he spent the majority of his time investigating the death of the last Hand of the King so it's likely he's a Lookamancer with subs in Shockamancy and Signamancy (heraldry and stories were very important in ASoIaF and his death was quite shocking indeed.)

EDIT: Another interesting thing is about the story of Camazotz, in a myth associated with him, he swarms some humans who hide themselves inside their blowpipes (somehow) and when one of them pops out, the bats steal his head and make it a ball for the gods' court. Sorta seems like what will happen to the Archons soon enough.
Menas wrote:
Signamancer for Hand of the King/Ned Stark? Possibly. I wonder if there are any casters that are the equivalent of a battle-mage?

Was the point discussed of the Rhyme-o-mancer being associated with Boromir? The horn looks right for the part. And if it helps them to lead troops it makes even more sense.

Well, I think that it's a foregone conclusion that Boromir is the Rhyme-o-mancer, since the Horn of Gondor is part of his Signamancy. I found that surprising, since from the character's portrayal I would have pegged him for a Carny; he likes to hear himself talk, tried to swindle Frodo, and comes across as a bit of a rogue, if not a con artist.

The thing with Neddard, aside from his paper-pushing duties as Hand and his (fatal) over-reliance on Robert's signature, is that his one claim to fame was outing Geoffrey Baratheon as a bastard of incest due to his hair color being virtually impossible if Robert was the father, another fine example of Signamancy.
Dante wrote:

The thing with Neddard, aside from his paper-pushing duties as Hand and his (fatal) over-reliance on Robert's signature, is that his one claim to fame was outing Geoffrey Baratheon as a bastard of incest due to his hair color being virtually impossible if Robert was the father, another fine example of Signamancy.

Shit, I just realized.

"Ten or more archons, with rifles and likely veils, would attack at any moment."

Wanda doesn't know about the tripods. Or if she does, not that they're portable.
Free Radical wrote:
If Trevelyan Bean's Signamancy as a double agent makes him a Turnamancer, his magic could be interesting too - Turn an archon (cost 5 million), the archon is killed by CC (gain 5 million), Decrypt the archon. Net gain of one archon with no change to the treasury.

What about Stark Bean then? His Signamancy definitely looks like a front line fighting caster, and the death of seemingly the main character of his series was a shock to a lot of people. Shockamancer?

Pity they didn't end up with a Healomancer - wouldn't that be a pain for CC to fight against if every hit gave GK 5 million and was then healed up?

Well he faked his own death (carniemancer!), he came back from the dead (croakamancer!), he had two faces (dittomancer!), his villainous plan made use of rockets (dollymancer? dirtamancer?) and satellites (dollymancer? dirtamancer?) and he's from a film called goldeneye (lookamancer!), so there are lots of options for him really.

Haven't the foggiest.

Well maybe one of them is a healomancer? Ooh, 00Bean survived a terrible injury, healomancer!

0beron wrote:
I think that Wanda needs to re-found Goodminton. Olive kept it exactly the way it was, as a cruel reminder to Wanda. I think the only way she's really going to find closure is to return home and make it her own.

Yeah, it'd be great if she was able to refound her old side. And have a family again.

Crisis21 wrote:

Doesn't matter, any capital site will do. Like Charlescomm for instance.

zilfallon wrote:
Also, am I the only one who feels like the croakamancy we were shown so far is rather simple, despite Wanda being a master-class? In most fantasy settings, animating the dead is just one aspect of necromancy. There are usually lots of pretty powerful spells that deal damage and put debuffs on living creatures. It would be strange for a master class croakamancer to lack spells like Wail of the Banshee etc. I think she should have a few high level spells with high juice cost that could mass-debuff living creatures, if not instantly slay them.

I do feel there has to be more to it than zombies, Wanda's power has basically carried every side she's been part of aside from that one bubble side, but yjr zombies are still just one trick. So yeah, necromancy, plague, death, speaking with the dead and so forth.

But also, I suspect, other meanings of the word croak, like the sounds frogs, toads, ravens, rooks and crows make... so maybe such creatures as units?

And maybe also silence spells... one meaning of the word croak is related to a way of speaking with difficulty.
I love the picture of Wanda in the middle there. All the things she's seen, everything she is bringing to control of this battle all combined into one.

I just hope she knows what she's doing.
This is still, by far, one of my most favorite comics/panels/pages. I can remember the first time reading it, the anticipation building, until Rob breaks the tension so perfectly with a beautiful Numa Numa reference that just had me croaking. Superb storytelling. I can still re-read every book, every patron story, everything.

Thanks @balder. cant thank you enough really.