Epilogue 17 - Parson's Staff Meeting

Epilogue 17 - Parson's Staff Meeting


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Shai_hulud wrote:
I figured out what Dollamancy and Foolamancy would do guys. No need for further speculation.

I beat you to that guess by three pages.

Lipkin wrote:
Jillian didn't know that Wanda's mannequin was a unit until it spoke. The clear answer is not to have a unit that is permanently veiled, but one that can blend into it's surroundings unnoticed, with the option to veil should it be discovered.

Transformers! Golems in disguise!

I also want Ace and Jack to link and take a look at Parson's bracer. Maybe rig up a heads-up display that is visible only by Parson.

http://qsf5.com/wp-content/uploads/2008 ... e-vats.jpg

I also love that the "start thinking about how you can combine your abilities" may as well be directed at us.
Lilwik wrote:
ManaCaster wrote:
Are you saying that if a single master-class Foolamancer stayed in a hex waiting to attack Stanley, he'd count as a scout instead of an ambush because there isn't a full stack?
I certainly would call a lone master-class Foolamancer a scout! I'm quite confident that an enemy Foolamancer in the same hex as Stanley and a plated red dwagon is either scouting or suicidal. I can't imagine any way that a lone Foolamancer could be considered an ambush for a powerful stack like that, even with surprise on his side. I think a proper ambush would require at least one warlord and probably much more than that in addition to the Foolamancer.
Scout seems to be a special unit class that doesn't auto attack. A lone foolamancer would not be a scout, just a veiled unit with leadership, and therefore not autoattack either.

However, I agree that Parson may have meant an ambush big enough to be a threat, so a small veiled stack may conceivably have been possible to miss.
Regardless, stack that is small enough to be missable or not, and threat or not, will the veil really help anything?
Surfal wrote:
lonetrey wrote:
What about... Croakamancy/Dollamancy? I'm thinking of a rolling ball of croaked units (Name needs work). The more unit it rolls over and kills, the more is added to its mass.

Katamari Dollamancy.

THERE we go! :)
Lipkin wrote:
I beat you to that guess by three pages.

Shit, I saw the Jillian and Bracer parts and missed the transformers comment in the middle since it was so small.
Zippy the Squirrel wrote:
Wanna make the bet real, drache? I think there's some sort of official betting pool thread somewhere on these forums.

Is that so? Lets. My 50q to your 15q, say?
You're on. :)
You know, going by the way the thread is working out these potential 3-way link creations..... it's feeling like the Final War Ever really is going to be the war so big it leaves every nation afraid of waging war ever again. It will be the age of nuclear deterrent through Thinkamancy 3-Way links. And to add to that, my new idea.

Croakamancy is the forceful compuson of the matter that makes up the human body. So...

Croakamancy + Dirtamancy: Scrolls of Flesh to Stone

Got a unit of Knights bearing down on you? Some Fliers in the sky? Just use one of these babies and they are out of the fight for good. And for when the battle is won and you need some fresh corpses or captives. Stone to Flesh.

Dirtamancy + Dollamancy: Mobile Fortresses

Put some cannons on there, and you have Erf's first Tanks, but bigger and battlefield occupying. A mobile barracks with anti-air defenses. Or.

Dirtamancy + Dollamancy: Land Ships

Ships that actually sail through the dirt, able to use the wind to bring catapults to bear swiftly on any section of the battlefield you so choose, and carry a full complement of soldiers on board. No infantry without boarding tackle will be able to do anything against them.

Dirtamancy + Dollamancy: The Rockhammer

Make a sledge hammer, that when you pound the ground with it the terrain is altered quickly and lethally. Pit traps, fissures, reclosing those pit traps and fissures with enemies inside, stone walls thrown up, even enclosing enemies, spires of jagged stones leaping out of the turf like a stone forest birthed in a moment. Simple pre-determined Dirtamancy spells stored inside a piece of equipment for use on the battlefield itself, without risking Sizemore, while giving the bearer an equipment buff akin to stone skin. Might be a good fit for Adam Antium.
Wow, good ideas. I can think of a couple of other ways to make mobile forts too. And mine fields, small units with stealth and poison or shockamancy, and you have cheap area denial. You make them scouts too, dual purpose expenditure.

How many people know where Parson was from, or how he was summoned?. Is it something Charlie knows about well enough to replicate?.

Cause Charlie needs to quickly get a counter to him, or he is going to be destroyed. He needs something/someone like Parson, to establish a M.A.D. equilibrium.

Just intercepting comms, even if he can do it fully still, now most of his opponents are aware it is a possibility, isn't going to be enough. Charlie and the sides he will attempt to use as pawns, cannon fodder, would always be reacting, not proactive. Parson would need to fall into a trap or accident in his attacking. And that is a silly thing to rely on. Especially since from now on, what used to be a sort of free info gathering service, is basically an expensive proposition where he has to spend effort working out what part of the info is mis-information deliberately peddled by Parson.

He used to know what everyone else knew and what part of THAT they believed. Now he can't trust anything.
Dirt + Doll: Machine guns and rocket launchers. Dolls can use pseudo thinkamancy, so remote triggered bombs. Spidew-man web slingers. Self-guided traps. (Spider mines?)
Dirt + Croak: T-800 skeleton terminators. Dirty bombs that produce nuclear zombies.
Dirt + Think: Psi reactive materials.Tin foil hats. New Age programmable crystals.
Doll + Croak: Ghost busters! Ectoplasm. Leather and bone equipment. Those creepy ass dolls from Poltergeist and Child's Play. Croak Rays (death rays) and War of the Worlds Tripods with Staff of Suckage shields.
Doll + Think: Mind control rays. Psi headbands. Sentient straight jackets.
Croak + Think: Psychic Vampires. Ghost sensing Parapsychologists. Pyramid Head. Jacob's Ladder.
Think + Fool: Sleep, sleep, sleep... Or maybe this and this?

Fuck of course the first shapeshifting robot should be Maria. Derp.