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Book 2 - Page 85
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bladestorm wrote:
If Maggie being Charlie is completely out of the question, what about Maggie having some sort of previous relations with Charlie? Maybe like an ex-wife or an ex-lover.

Way unlikely, Charlie would've found a way to croak her. We're talking about someone secretive and paranoid.

The text updates featuring Maggie don't leave much room for conjecture, she's not involved with Charlie.
Well, I don't hope Parson will offer Maggie a hand. What I would like to see is him saying something like:

Screw you all, I don't have time for all these conspiracies now.

Isaac, I'm going through that portal and you have three choices.
One, help me.
Two, move aside.
Three, try stopping me. I'm not saying you'll lose - but you'll either have made me your mortal enemy or you'll have to brainwash me so thoroughly you'll never be sure I'll remain capable of defeating Charlie.
YOU made this situation far worse than it might have been, YOU deal with the fallout here. And if you want to talk, you'll know where to find me.

Maggie, we'll talk about this later. Now, are you stacking with me, or taking his side? Choose *fast*.

But that's probably daydreaming on my part... :D
noname_hero wrote:

But that's probably daydreaming on my part... :D

Well, things need to get moving. I'm particularly interested to see how Sylvia will react to having Parson on the battlefield. The kind of devotion that girl shows is scary.
Pentegarn wrote:
It would explain quite a lot about why Erfworld seems to be an amalgamation of things that are familiar to Parson. If someone from his world got there first, someone with Charlie's power, then all the vague references would make sense.

It's the other way around. Consider it like this: if there is a multiverse of who-knows-how many different universes, then some of them are going to have a lot of familiar elements to an outsider simply due to probability. Stanley specifically demanded of Wanda during the casting of the Summon Perfect Warlord scroll that said warlord be acclimated to the environment, speak the language, and that everything should seem familiar to him so that he wouldn't be confused. That last one seems straightforward, but is actually a VERY vague requirement (and is probably my favorite part about the whole premise. It's frigging brilliant.)

So the spell reached out, trying its best with Stanley's absurd list of demands and Wanda's limited Findamancy skills, and found someone in another universe to whom all or virtually all of the requirements applied. Because too much was being asked of it, it simplified some elements, choosing someone to whom Erfworld was "familiar" only in the loosest sense, choosing a warlord who was "Perfect" only for the needs of the moment, choosing someone huge and intimidating as demanded... but also fat and weak, even using wordplay about Marbits and Gwiffons to technically fulfill the conditions. This is why you don't ask for much when you get a Wish spell in Dungeons & Dragons: The DM will mess with you. Doing so is his job and his pleasure.

It's basically the same effect as if the scroll created Parson and just gave him a detailed backstory to reduce confusion and paradox.
Salem wrote:
But has Parson/Maggie/Wanda/Jeftichew/Stanley/Slately/Tremmanis/Black Dwagon/Jack & Jillian/Issac/Ansom/ Janis/Banhammer/Arkendish/ Charlie's Angels / Quivering Portal all in a roman setting been done?

I'm sorry, but I was raised to believe that Roman settings are amoral and against God's plan for humanity.
coyotenose wrote:
It's basically the same effect as if the scroll created Parson and just gave him a detailed backstory to reduce confusion and paradox.

Yep. Try reading Timeline by Michael Crichton if you want some interesting lines of thought based around similar effects of a continuously infinite multiverse. Especially the part about how they get the people they send through the wormhole to materialize on the other side...
Just because Charlie was communicating with Parson while Maggie was otherwise occupied doesn't mean they cannot be one and the same. Different hex, different time frame. Time passes differently for scouts in a different hex while they are scouting, why would puppets in a different hex be any different? Misty was able to move around during non-turn, and Parson was reprimanded for asking her name since it weakened the trimancer link. Maggie could have been wandering around, tending to duties as Charlie under Charlescomm's turn.

You can't argue real-world physics in a world where arrows in flight stop at the edge of the hex.
bladestorm wrote:
You can't argue real-world physics in a world where arrows in flight stop at the edge of the hex.

I think the argument was mainly a meta one. The apparent inconsistencies would have to be explained; the argument was that they couldn't be explained easily or well, and that since Rob is a good author he'd therefore know better than to try.

Yes, I know that you wouldn't need an explanation. And I would probably make up my own if one wasn't supplied; but not everyone thinks like that.

Personally though, I think it's unlikely because of the way the story so far has been built. Everything's been open, and we've seen the action from multiple points of view (including Maggie's). Besides, there are much better spots to put a tomato surprise... Namely the nature of the fourth Arkentool and the conspiracy surrounding Saline IV's death.
Nnelg wrote:
Yep. Try reading Timeline by Michael Crichton [...]
Crichton is/was a hack, and Timeline sucks as much ass as Sphere.
cheeseaholic wrote:
WarFAN wrote:
cheeseaholic wrote:

We only know the first thing for sure. .

We do know both things:

Wrong. We know that Charlie told Parson he wants Parson. We do not know if Charlie wants Parson. Frankly I think he was planning on croaking him, as it appears that Charlie has no warlords.

As for having no warlords, the archons have never even seen Charlie, so there may be some in there somewhere. I'd consider that unlikely, but it is possible that Charlie's offer was genuine and he likes to keep good warlords or other units around as advisers or to handle less extreme situations so that Charlie can deal with the more important things.

Think as you want, but do not invent things:

Charlie does want Parson. He want him so much that he bounds the RCC into capturing him for Charlescomm.