Book 2 - Page 78

Book 2 - Page 78
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I agree with those suggesting that Dittomancy is afoot, if only because Ossomer's death as it stands is too anticlimactic and we've seen whole pages devoted to one trick before. Take a look at the opening panels of the previous strip - we know they originally had nine Unipegataurs, and there are twice that many visible. Lloyd already doubled them, and now he's done something different. If that something wasn't doubling Ossomer, than it was something that will make the Archons regret rushing in like that.

Also, kudos to Xin for drawing the most terrifying evil gloating smile ever. :D
Hmm, Ossomer's double, maybe. But isn't kinda thing that more like foolamancy?
Hey just realized something: the leadership loss is doubly bad for Jetstone since Ossomer was probably having the dittomancer double his bonus. So the leadership drop will be in the double digits. O_O
I reiterate my bet offer from 5 posts up.

As rationalist!Beyonce sings: If you thought it, you should've put a prediction on it.
Heh, the replies have made me rethink my theory. Fingers crossed that it's a Dittomancy thing, however the discipline works. I don't actually mind Ossomer Croaking, though I like him, but this doesn't quite feel like the time.

But man, how tragic would it be if Ossomer Turned back to Jetstone and was then Dusted while Tramennis was unconscious?

And then a lovely idea occurred to me... What if Lloyd made a dupe of Ossomer, but that WAS the real Ossomer who was Croaked? They might have him around in, um, spirit, for however long the Juice holds out. Imagine Slately and Tramennis talking to him, knowing that he's already dead.
Keighvin1 wrote:
That's the thing, if you track the movement of the archons, they blow through the front screen and then fly across a pretty large empty space, with units on the sides that show on the background of panel 3. Then you see Ossomer in front of Slately, where he remains until he is de-rugged, though the angle and perspective of panel 6 give the illusion of distance.

Thank you for clearing that up for me. I must say I am impressed at how powerful just a few archons can be in the face of a stack with Ossomer, the King and a handful of casters.

That idea of the Dittomancer doubling Ossomer is a nice one. Even though I also think that he's dusted because of his "going home" at the end it'd be nice if he'd continue to exist because of that trick. I can't imagine though that you can create exact duplicates of high-level units or else Dittomancers wouldn't waste juice on doubling arrows.
If he's doubled, then perhaps they are both originals. So one Ossomer did indeed die and the other one lives. Which is the clone and which the original? Both and neither! (Now I want a Dittomancer named Schroedinger!)
Trying to invoke Schrödinger here doesn't work - the no cloning theorem forbids it.
Saladman wrote:
Why would the duplicate say "going ... home" as it falls to its death?
Because the duplicate would act just as the original would act. Or it'd be a lousy duplicate. As an example, in HPatDH, when all the Harry duplicates are fleeing, the Death Eaters clue in on the real Harry because he's the only one using expelliarmus, which has been his signature spell in the past. The duplicates were not convincing because although they looked like Harry, they didn't act like Harry.

To be clear, I do not believe that there was a duplicate, or that Ossomer is not truly dead. I could easily be proven wrong, this is just my take based on what we have been shown.
Saladman wrote:
And if it is a duplicate where is the original Ossomer? Dittomancy isn't Foolamancy, so he can't be veiled.
Exactly. This is a part of why I do not believe that Ossomer was duplicated.
coyotenose wrote:
2.Ossomer is fighting with the wrong weapon. The sword was nowhere to be seen on the previous page.

And yet he was carrying it in previous panels. Bk2 Page 46 shows it clearly whole he was negotiating. If he had it before he was restore, he likely had it after he was restored. Its not shown on the previous page, but then you don't have a view of where its sheathed. At the same time, on Page 72 - the next time we get a clear view of that side of him - its not there.

Its unclear what the Dittomancer was doing, but the fact this Ossomer has a sword is simply reverting to the original model; he should have a sword. If there is any mistake, it would appear to be on Page 72 when the sword isn't drawn. There are several pages where the hilt would be expected to be but the angles and small gaps through which the sword would be seen would probably justify not drawing it.

And, as people said, Dittomancy isn't Foolamancy. We'd see two Ossomers in the air.

What we have is a rush that has deprived Jetstone of a powerful warlord and placed 5 Archons right next to the Jetstone king.

3.Slately's laser scepter is missing. Lloyd isn't familiar with it. (and possibly dupes can't use ranged attacks, or need more Juice to use Specials, or can't use Specials) His jetpack is there, but the king would FALL if it weren't. It's a necessary feature.

If Dittomancy requires the Jetpack, it requires the wand.