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Book 2 - Page 66
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Kreistor wrote:
Hedy! Yes, that's who I was thinking of! (Not blonde though, so not a candidate....)

Why are we assuming that every caster in the group has to be a thinkamancer? Red Beach Bunny could be a hippiemancer for all we know - she runs in slow motion and suddenly no one can attack. If I were a Great Mind, I'd totally Suggest that she hang around me as much as possible...
MarbitChow wrote:
If I were a Great Mind, I'd totally Suggest that she hang around me as much as possible...

I don't know if you're a Great Mind, nor if I'm one, but I can say we DO think alike! :D
I know this is off topic, but if I had hundreds of dollars, I would pay to have the next 10 comics today. There is so much at stake!
BLANDCorporatio wrote:
Well, one of those three is a Doctor, ya know.

Of Horror Films, true, but I guess that's as good a doctorate as any.

Except for when you want a bone put back in place, in which case there's an obvious ranking.

I would rather have the horror movie guy set a bone than let's say Doctor Demento, whose field is ethnomusicology...

Though both are better than Doctor Mario, who I have on good authority, is not actually a real doctor at all...
Kalak wrote:
I know this is off topic, but if I had hundreds of dollars, I would pay to have the next 10 comics today. There is so much at stake!

INO right? I considered taking a break from reading it for a year, except that there'd only be 30 new comic pages.
zilfallon wrote:
About the discussion titled "Vanna can't work for Charlie" :

Do we have evidence that order given by a ruler is still valid after that ruler gets croaked? I couldn't find an evidence which makes us think so.

It was not an order, she required that her casters swear an oath not to work for anyone but Royal sides. It did not state the oath was to her or her side, so it is possible/likely that is was an oath made before her to the Titans themselves. We have also seen enough examples and hints that such promises and oaths given in negotiations and such are binding and enforced by Erf itself, else why would Parson have to still give Charlie his calculations as we have seen repeatedly Parson Gotti is not above cheating anytime he can get away with it.

drachefly wrote:
Hedley? Umm, no. Hedy. Look it up yourself (oh wait, that's an in group joke on the IWC/LMoO forum, not here. oh well).

I'm sure there was one more recent, though.

Or maybe I'm just thinking of Jim Carrey?

No, it was definitely an actress or model.

You completely missed a Blazing Saddles gag. ... ingSaddles

Search for THAT'S HEDLEY!
Oh, what sad times are these when passing ruffians fail to get a Blazing Saddles reference. There is a pestilence upon this land, nothing is sacred. Even those who should be up on the latest TV and movie tropes are under considerable emotional stress from such failures.
I've only seen it twice, and once when I was so little that the only scene I got was when he held himself hostage.

And I of course didn't understand the joke because I didn't know about Hedy Lamarr at the time. Now I'll certainly get it!
BLANDCorporatio wrote:

JustDoug wrote:
I don't think anyone saw that coming. I know I didn't.

Dr Pepper wrote:
So-- the alignment of goals between the cabals is parted. Roll the tumbleweed.

It was an expected, on the forums, turn of events. Meaning, other forumites than me foresaw that the GMtTA (or just the Thinkas) will keep Parson safe by preventing access to Spacerock. I was happy to assume that Janis will delay Parson, just for a short while, with dr. Morgan's tea.

As to who exactly predicted that. Well, I forget the exact stance, but Infidel was arguing with someone else on this exact topic, for example.

Cool, someone remembered:) I hate to plug myself, well maybe not. Sometimes everyone is caught off guard.

Yea! Nearly everyone was going on about how Parson's run through MK would be uneventful, any deviation would be bad writing was one argument. I argued that there was room for misunderstanding of Maggie's message, and the consensus was that of course there couldn't be confusion since HE wrote the code, how could he misunderstand his own code? I also argued that there were good storytelling reasons to delay Parson, should Rob follow that path. And I really hate the bad writing argument. Creating tension is a standard writing technique, and people forget that the end reader is reading this all at once, not in one page bites once every week or two :P So while a delay might make US groan with agony, a book reader might get all tense in anticipation.