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Book 2 - Page 40
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Parson moved his piece into the field - it may be that warlords need to be visibly armed when in visible command, they all seem to gesture orders with their weapons. So he goes to the armoury just to get tooled up for moving outside Gobwins Knob (however he does that). I'm an old softie, so I hope he gets something associated with Bogroll; the twolls personal mace or something.
CorrTerek wrote:
BLANDCorporatio wrote:
To go and retrieve the Sword of Ruthlessness is, even if only at a symbolic level, a step backwards, and in terms of story it undermines both Parson's so far progress and a very touching F-Bomb way at the end of Book 1.

I agree. Throwing away the Sword was a very important gesture on Parson's part, and for him to go back to the storeroom and just pick it up again (with no prior buildup or foreshadowing, even) would majorly cheapen that gesture. It wouldn't be enough to make me stop reading Erfworld, but it wouldn't really sit right for me.

I do not think it would cheapen the gesture, but just show where he is emotionally. Among other things, he has just accepted a model gamepiece to represent himself, after shouting out his refusal to BE a gamepiece when he threw away the sword.

He has spent something like 70 turns trying to come grips with a slaughter he committed, in part by blaming it on Erfworld itself.

By accepting his role as a gamepiece, and maybe symbollically donning a sword, he is taking personal responsibility for his role in the death of thousands. Which can be seen as a degree of maturity, not regression.

Or maybe he is just going to Armory to grab some cosmetic gear to make himself look more impressive for the coming Thinkagram with Jetstone. Bit trivial though.
Goshen wrote:
Apologies if someone has already mentioned this, but many of Wanda's people are already uncroaked and cannot be uncroaked again. Of course, that still leaves the dwagons which are big and heavy enough to hurt when they fall on you....

The point of this is not decrypting Wanda's forces, i think. The point is to use them to kill some Jetstone troops to start a decryption chain. Of course, that's a speculation, but no one mentioned of Wanda decyrpting her own troops.
I think that was at least part of the plan. Dwagons and hobgobwins that is. Having the option to decrypt them means they count for twice as much.
I don't think there's anything in the armory that can have a direct effect on the battle at Spacreock, i.e. no Sword of Ruthlessness, no teleportable gear or provisions. This is reinforced by Maggie's confusion as to their destination. If she had actually heard the conversation with Jack and Wanda - another question: are thinkamancers just passive conduits, or can they actually listen in on their thinkagrams? - then she would have known where Parson needed to go to implement the next stage of his plan. The fact that he's taking Maggie with him suggests, to me, that the most likely reason to visit the armory is for cosmetic reasons in anticipation of a thinkagram teleconference - perhaps he's getting a fearsome helm, or something with will disguise his identity somewhat, in the upcoming conversation with Tramennis.
This is just speculation mind, and it's been said before (I remember seeing it being said before anyway, my memory's not the most trusty thing) but perhaps the point of the gear is to increase the leadership bonus? Is it possible that the more Parson looks like a leader, the higher the bonus is? I get that that might not be the way it works in normal gameplay, but Parson might not have solid stats. It might be that his stats are dictated entirely by what his current equipment is, and that wearing a breastplate confers a total leadership of 2. Of course, this is all pointless speculation, and even if it does affect his stats, it's doubtful that his bonus will matter, or even can be affected much.
No, if that were the case, then the SoR would have conferred a bonus that would have been noticed, and his discarding (destroying) the sword would have reduced it. I'm assuming that bonuses of that nature would have been intuited by everyone under his command, and I can't imagine Wanda, Sizemore, or Maggie not commenting upon it . . . (whoa, what happened? You were +3 during the battle, and now you're back to +2?)
Lord Kasavin wrote:
I do not think it would cheapen the gesture, but just show where he is emotionally. Among other things, he has just accepted a model gamepiece to represent himself, after shouting out his refusal to BE a gamepiece when he threw away the sword.

He's also gone from "gamer for life yo" to "these are people". They may look like gamepieces on that map, but they aren't, and neither is Parson. However he copes with command, getting the Sword of Ruthlessness back is not the best step forward. Does, or doesn't, that Sword symbolize Erfworld's control? If Parson demonstrated agency once by destroying it, it would, actually, cheapen that gesture to have Erfworld basically say "hey that choice you made to toss the item? Turns out it didn't matter, I've been storing it for when the time came that you'd see things my way".
i think he is going in

quite a bit leading up to this..

lighter, could be a physical weight class down .
so better move.

at the same time . Maggie just proved she can control Stanly ... by suggesting he make parson the acting war lord.. (then SUDO mk me sammichh.....).
remember Stanly can change Parsons status to something other then garrison
there is no reason he can't leave, except that he was classed garrison by his overlord...

it's about time he suited up to something different ..
as much as i love poor old bogroll, Parson has matured as a charter and it's time he got further into the battle . as a field commander.
the world has been getting him ready for this and it's time to happen.
So sizemore got some? Well that's always nice.