The Battle for Gobwin Knob - Episode 143

The Battle for Gobwin Knob - Episode 143
Comic - The Battle for Gobwin Knob - Episode 143

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This series is getting better every page.
I look forward to the published book with all the 'missing' pages to fill out the story and action.

At first I resisted Erfword, but now it's my favourite webcomic by far.
True dat. And the place for the book is already reserved on my bookshell.

Can't wait for 144.
Wanda is looking more and more scary.
The change between the view of her now and in comic 2 is incredible.
It's amazing how this comic keeps me on the edge of my seat. Each panel answers two questions but spawns so many more, I love it!
I just want to express how awesome this comic is. Just got book 1, and it's awesome. I really like what you all are doing with this story, and I look forward to adding book 2 to my library. Also, the purple dwagon plushie is cool! He's sitting on my bookcase. :D