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Book 3 - Page 275
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It's terrible, everyone is too confused to have even a proper argument about what just happened because they honestly can't deny that they just don't know.

How empty the world becomes without the illusion of certainties to sustain our meaningless fury at everyone who disagrees.

I'm going to go watch 8=∞ from season 2 of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. Then I can come back to review this latest page with my eyes refreshed by exposure to pure superlative genius.
Maybe it's been mentioned already but I wonder if Isaac is trying to use the MK standard procedure for this problem. Showing up from the ruins of the Temple and dropping a fresh archon corpse in front of the crowd and showing the wonky wrench and its obvious carnymancy influence could be some damned strong evidence of Charlie shenanigans. How else would a new archon arrive in the MK with a sealed portal?
The grey-skinned Deiform entity shows up in the Magic Kingdom, in front of a crowd. His speech bubbles are full of grandiocosmic spiderwebs. He speaks in Kafka quotes. He brims with the power of a Trance-Fusion beyond the previously conceived powers available to mortals.

Do you really think they're going to care about a wrench?
They might care about the part where he has access to unlimited juice through the portal columns...but that may not even require the wrench.

On the other hand, Deiform is as likely to have decided that the MK system itself is cheating. I mean, think of it...the Titanic purpose of the MK may just be to allow sides access to barbarian casters, but the MK Qualified have created a situation where it also serves as a place for forbidden research into cross-discipline and even class magical investigation. As fruitless as that seems to be in most cases, it does occasionally produce the kinds of things the GMTTA feel the need to suppress.

Okay, that's a bit of a stretch. If the Titans really wanted to keep that from happening, they could have had multiple MK's, one for each class. But I don't believe such a stretch is beyond the GMTTA, since it seems to me the Titans never appointed them guardians of all magic and arbiters of what was and wasn't 'cheating'. They've already swallowed a camel, why strain at the gnats?

Still, add it to the list of things Deiform might be planning. Confront the Qualified with the evidence to enlist their aid against Charlie...or destroy them. But we've already discussed assimilation into the over-mind, which would seem to count as both at once. I'm almost sure that would be cheating, though.

Chiu ChunLing wrote:
?.. everyone is too confused to have even a proper argument about what just happened because they honestly can't deny that they just don't know.

I am pretty sure Big Think is off to see Jed, to gage the outcome of awaking a part of Erfworld such as a portal column.

I suspect Big Think will use the wrench to kipi Jed's portal, and that the result will be much more significant than just allowing two-way transport to the Magic Kingdom for all.

My guess is that the collars constrain the portals' function, and once Jed's is kipi'd, Jed will have control over its destination.
What? Like being able to send directly to another capital site? An interesting thought, but how exactly is that more significant than GK securing control over Portal Park?

Or do you mean put the portal destination anywhere irrespective of whether there is even a portal column present? Cause that seems much less likely. Especially with all that talk about not cheating. It also would make more sense to take Ivan along if that were the idea.

I think the most likely explanation is that State 8 restored (or increased) the restrictions on CC's portal column somehow (thus the comment about claws, with reference to not being able to leave a city) and then decided against further OP intervention on GK's behalf. Ivan and Claud are being left on standby mode so they won't alert Wanda that Deiform is no longer an ally as such. The Wonky Wrench is headed for a bedrock tomb in an undisclosed location...not really sure what Deiform is going to do with Isaac's body. Hopefully Ivan and Claud are released before being destroyed when Deiform burns out.

Another possibility was mentioned involving returning to the Temple site and using the Thinkamancy polarized Stuff of the Temple columns to make a State 8 support system...but again I don't see how leaving Ivan and Claud behind would help. Same for heading to TV.

And yet, Wanda is Predicted to pop up near the ICFYS portal...unless Phil was just lying about that. Which is a thing Predictamancers are known to do (I mean, sure, other casters might lie about things, but giving false Predictions kinda destroys the whole point of listening to Predictamancers).

I don't like the "most likely" explanation here, and I'm not sure whether it's because it places yet another obstacle for GK or because it feels like a waste of narrative spent on building up Deiform as a major development. To a degree, it makes sense for State 8 to reject further OP intervention and accept it's own inevitable end. But it also feels frustratingly pointless to have all that buildup if all Deiform really did was save Wanda from Charlie's hit squad and unkipi CC's portal. It makes sense for Deiform to have a status quo bias...but it doesn't advance the story.
"This little mother has sharp claws" was a compliment to Wanda's minion Claude, who came up with the idea of animating the portal column. Big Think has not yet cast on the portal column--when casters cast, the comic shows them do it. No magic-word-slash-cultural-reference means no magic.

I suspect we will find the meeting of minds between Big Think and Jed sufficiently dramatic, and that it will advance the story significantly.
... but it looks to me like Deiform _did_ just cast. He picks up CC's incapacitated golem from the cart, utters "Verwandlung" -- and tosses aside a golem greatly altered in form.

I think the portal, Deiform, Claude, and Ivan just had a kid. Poor little thing...
"Prague never lets you go... this dear little mother has sharp claws" is a Kafka quote about the oppressive and claustrophobic nature of Prague, his hometown. It refers to a place he can never leave, either physically or psychically, no matter how much he feels like he needs to get away from it all. The reference could just be about the MK, not necessarily about the portal column itself. An alternate interpretation could be that the rules (and following the rules) are home, no matter how claustrophobic and oppressive they may seem. Perhaps not cheating is the "little mother with sharp claws".
we will probably know once the hyatus is done. the only things we got clear so far is that Isaac put himself in front of the doll in order to make a crotch view. and that he polymorph the doll into a kawaii betsie. o3o

while waiting, I just opened a rhymeomancy contest (link on my sig) for those that suffer from idle thumbs symphtom. :v