Epilogue 01 - Artemis Decrypted

Epilogue 01 - Artemis Decrypted


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Pretty sure that was years ago. Very much doubt we'll see it in the standard comics.
the_tick_rules wrote:
This is a very unique page wasn't it?

No, just unique. Something is unique or it isn't.
Doctor Foreman wrote:
the_tick_rules wrote:
This is a very unique page wasn't it?

No, just unique. Something is unique or it isn't.

I guess it was a joke. Like,

"How is this page like Stanley?"

Spoiler: show
Unusually short.

That joke was bad, and you should feel bad...

...to the bone.
To add my vote, I am looking forward to seeing what the new artist can do going forward - but also not a fan of the voice-over comic. I'd honestly prefer plain-text updates to such a thing, myself. Of course, I don't object to others having such an option alongside the comic, but I really hope that this is just a temporary thing, rather than the core direction for the comic going forward.
This update hadn't much of interest in itself, but I really liked the video.
I don't really like the art, i think xin and jamie did a way better job.
regarding the voiceover, not really a fan and i would very much prefer to read than listen to moving images.
The changes in artists have not bothered me at any step of the comic.
I very much like having the text precede the voice actor, that way I can compare how I read it to how he reads it and note the differences, kind of like a jazz performance. His performances have been very good.
I also like having the option of not watching, or of reading first and then watching.
I like the shading changes, they bring out different parts of the image at different times.
I like the videoe focusing on parts of the picture but the constant zooming/panning is distracting - at some points it should be still so it's easier to focus on the art and speech.
Thumbs up to the illustrated audiobook!
No one in particular wrote:
Minor art quibble... shouldn't Sizemore have pants?

I know he had pants for most of LIAB, but it looks distinctly like leg hair & knees in the second pic there, and not just stains and wrinkles (as you'd expect from a dirtamancer).

Maybe he made a bet with Hamster that this idea wouldnt work and lost.. HIS PANTS! HA!

Or maybe Rob decided with the new art, he wanted to show off his SIZEMORE! HA!

Where did everyone go?

_Mindless Automaton_
We're all right here. Ashamed of you.